Plumbing Studio

Plumbers install, remove, maintain, add to extension and alteration of plumbing systems for piped fixtures, fixed appliances and accessories. They work on sanitary drainage, storm drainage, special waste, venting systems and public or private water supply systems within or adjacent to structures. Gas fitters are responsible for piping fuel gases, low pressure or elevated pipe to appliances, accessories and ensure the installation of vent piping for flue gases and make-up air.

The Plumbing program will provide students with knowledge of the science and application of plumbing as well as the proper safety procedures required in a shop and working environment. Students will be provided hands-on experiences in the new state of the art facility using the latest tools and techniques. When eligible and available, students may participate in the Cooperative education program. 

Graduating students will earn both classroom (Tier 1&2) and practical hours toward the Massachusetts Journeyman's Plumbers examination requirements. 


  • OSHA 10 Construction Safety
  • Hot Work Certification
  • Plumbers Local 12
  • Pipe Fitters Local 537


Mr. Jim McGrath (x610416)