Photo of entire school committee in city hall chambers, smiling. Left to right: Laura Pitone, Rubén Carmona, Sarah Phillips, Ben Ewen-Campen, Emily Ackmann, Ilana Krepchin, Mayor Katjana Ballantyne, André Green, Ellenor Barish, Sara Dion.

Somerville School Committee

The School Committee is an elected body that oversees the Somerville Public Schools. Members work with the Superintendent to set broad policies and educational goals, develop a recommended budget for submission to the Mayor, and provide fiscal oversight of the School Department. The Committee is composed of seven members elected by ward every two years (on the odd years). The Mayor and the City Council President are ex-officio members with full voting rights. The School Committee has regular meetings the first and third Monday of every month during the school year (September through June). Meetings, held in the City Council Chambers at Somerville City Hall located at 93 Highland Avenue in Somerville, are open to the public, with the exception of Executive Session meetings. Public meetings are broadcast live on Somerville Cable Channel 16.

School Committee Members

Ilana Krepchin, Ward 2 (Chair of School Committee) 
(617) 852-8562, 7 Waldo Ave. #1, Somerville MA 02143,
Subcommittees: Negotiation Representative
Length of Term: 2019–present
Sarah Phillips, Ward 3 (Vice Chair of School Committee) 
(617) 863-0826, 19R Prospect Hill Ave #2, Somerville MA 02143,
Subcommittees: Finance and Facilities (Chair), City Buildings Committee, Special Policing Subcommittee
Length of Term: 2019–present
Emily Ackman, Ward 1 
(617) 863-7740, Somerville MA 02145
Subcommittees: Education Programs (Chair), SHORE Collaborative Board, Sick Bank Representative, PILOT Task Force Representative
Length of Term: 2018–present
Andre L. Green, Ward 4
(617) 201-9512, 315 Broadway #214, Somerville MA 02145,
Subcommittees: Finance and Facilities (Vice Chair), Special Policing Subcommittee, CAAS Board of Directors
Length of Term: 2016–present
Laura Pitone, Ward 5
(617) 776-6035, 46 Rogers Ave., Somerville MA 02144,
Subcommittees: Education Programs (Vice Chair), Rules, City Buildings Committee (Vice Chair)
Length of Term: 2014–present
Ellenor Barish, Ward 6
(646) 337-8840, 6 Henry Ave, Somerville MA 02144,
Subcommittees: Education Programs, Rules (Chair), Special Policing Subcommittee
Length of Term: 2020–present
Leiran Biton Ward 7
(617) 863-2315, 1087 Broadway Unit 2, Somerville, MA 02144
Subcommittees: Finance and Facilities, Rules (Vice Chair), City Buildings Committee (Chair)
Length of Term: 2024–present
Honorable Mayor Katjana Ballantyne
(617) 625-6600 x2100
Visit the City of Somerville website Mayor's Office page for more information about the mayor.
Ben Ewen-Campen, President, Somerville City Council
(617) 702-2613
Superintendent Dr. Rubén Carmona, Secretary to the School Committee. 


Committees and Initiatives

Subcommittees of the Somerville School Committee are where much of business associated with overseeing the Somerville Public Schools happens. There are four subcommittees of the School Committee composed of the following members:

In addition, the Committee for Long Range Planning is a Standing Committee of the Whole. It is chaired by the Chair of the School Committee.

Subcommittee Meetings and Subcommittee Meetings of the Whole are held via Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings. To request meeting handout and materials, please contact Erika Garcia. Agendas, Weekly Calls, and Minutes for Regular and Subcommittee meetings are available online under "School Committee Meetings" in the submenu to the right (desktop or laptop) or bottom of the screen (mobile phone). 

School Committee representatives also serve on the following committees/initiatives:

  • Children's Cabinet: Ellenor Barish
  • Food Security: Ellenor Barrish
  • Out of School Time: Sarah Phillips
  • CAAS Board of Directors: Andre Green
  • Charter Commission: Laura Pitone
  • SHORE Collaborative Board: Emily Ackman
  • Community Cabinet: Ellenor Barish
  • Sick Bank Representative: Emily Ackman
  • Wellness Working Group: Ellenor Barish
  • Negotiation Representatives: Ilana Krepchin, Ellenor Barish
  • PILOT Task Force Representative: Emily Ackman
  • Somerville High School Building Committee: Laura Pitone