Superintendent Mary Skipper

Welcome from Superintendent Mary Skipper

Dear Somerville Community,

Welcome to the Somerville Public Schools, and thank you for the opportunity to serve your community as Superintendent of Schools.  

No one knows better than members of this community that Somerville is an exceptional place. It is a community that looks to the future with hope and enthusiasm, while valuing the past and maintaining a strong hold on the special traditions that are part of the fabric of this city. It is this outlook and more that make Somerville such a desirable place to live and to work with our young people as they prepare to become our future leaders.

I look forward to continue building on the great work that we are doing collectively to create an enriching learning environment for Somerville youth, and to further strengthening the partnerships that help prepare our youth to be successful in a globally connected world. I am excited to work with all of you in this endeavor, recognizing that our schools are exceptional teaching and learning communities because of the community's joint commitment to making them so.

Thank you for your support in this important work. I look forward to continuing to meet with our students, families, educators, and staff as we work toward fulfilling our vision of "... providing our students with the skills, opportunities, and resources that will nurture innovative ideas, foster pride in diversity, inspire students to become lifelong learners, and empower them to enrich their communities."

There is no greater work than the work we do to serve our students and help them prepare for a lifetime of success. Please let me know how we are doing and how we might be able to better serve the needs of our students.


Mary Skipper, Superintendent of Schools

From the Superintendent

July 29, 2022 - Interim Superintendent and SPS Transition Plan

August 18, 2021 - Joint Statement on Earthquake in Haiti

January 6, 2021 - Joint Statement on Insurrection at U.S. Capitol - in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole

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Central Administration

The Central Administration of the Somerville Public Schools (SPS) includes the Office of the Superintendent and the following central office departments: Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment, Student Services, Human Resources, Finance/Payroll, and Communications & Grants.

  • Central Office Phone Number: 617-629-5200
  • Central Office Fax Number: 617-629-5661
  • Superintendent's Office Phone Number: 617-629-5211

Office of the Superintendent

  • Mary E. Skipper, Superintendent of Schools
  • Dr. Jeff J. Curley, Acting Superintendent of Schools
  • Chad Mazza, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Katherine Santiago, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools and Chief of Staff
  • Erika Garcia, Administrative Assistant

Somerville Public Schools Cabinet Team

  • Mary E. Skipper, Superintendent of Schools
  • Chad Mazza, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Kathleen Bailer, Director of Early Education and Care
  • Regina Bertholdo, Director of Basic Needs and Housing Support Services
  • John Breslin, Director of Technology
  • Dr. Jeff J. Curley, Chief of Staff, Office of the Superintendent
  • Paulina Mitropoulos, District Administrator of Programs, Multilingual Learner Education, and Family and Community Partnerships
  • Dr. Jessica Boston Davis, Director for Equity and Excellence
  • Elizabeth Doncaster, Director of Student Services
  • Samantha Eligene, Director of Data, Assessment, and Accountability 
  • Fran Gorski, Chief Financial Officer
  • Uri Harel, K-8 Curriculum Coordinator
  • Susana Hernandez Morgan, Chief Communications and Development Officer
  • Mariana MacDonald, Director of Human Resources
  • Lauren Mancini, Food & Nutrition Services Director
  • Jose Mendez, Operations and Extended Learning Director
  • Rosanna Paribello, Director of Community Schools Program
  • Teresa Rodriguez, Director of Enrollment
  • Christine Trevisone, Director of Special Education, Nursing, and Health Services
  • Joe Tringale, Director of Operations
  • Karen Woods, Director of Educator Development

Superintendent Summative Evaluation Report - September 2021