Superintendent talks to 3 students in a focus group, who are sitting a table at the Healey School. They are middle grades students.

Welcome from Superintendent Dr. Rubén Carmona

Welcome to Somerville Public Schools. I am Rubén Carmona, the Superintendent of Schools.

My journey in education spans nearly three decades, starting as an educator and progressing to the role of principal and central office administrator. As Superintendent, I am dedicated to fostering collaboration and transparency in shaping the vision and future plan for Somerville Public Schools.

Our district is unique, culturally rich, and diverse, both in terms of our student body and our families. My commitment is to leverage the knowledge and experiences each member brings to create a new strategic plan for our district's future. In this short period of time, I have had the pleasure to connect with students, families, and SPS staff. It has been a real pleasure to get to know the community in a very personalized way. 

In pursuit of this vision, I have three core goals:

  1. Equitable Opportunities: Every student should have access to equitable opportunities, programs, and services across all our buildings. While we have excellent programs, we must address gaps in their distribution.
  2. Academic Rigor: We aim to strengthen academic rigor in every school, empowering and engaging students daily with a curriculum that meets their academic needs and provides tools for growth.
  3. Student Voice: Elevating student voice is a priority. Our focus is on providing all the tools that every student needs, both academically and socially/emotionally, by working collaboratively with students, families, and SPS staff. 

To parents, guardians, students, teachers, staff, and community members, I look forward to continuing to collaborate with you, listening to your experiences, and learning from your perspectives. I am inspired by the community's commitment to schools and equity.

For students in Somerville Public Schools, your voice matters. The educators and school personnel care about you, and so do I. I am excited to continue the important work we have already begun, together.

Dr. Rubén Carmona, Superintendent of Schools


Updates from Dr. Carmona

Read our monthly district e-newsletter online, here.

Strategic Plan Development

SPS is in the process of developing a holistic community vision that reflects the essence of our district. Based on significant input from all SPS stakeholders - staff, families, students, and community partners - we are harnessing insights and perspectives regarding the community’s vision for SPS. The valuable data we collected in late 2023 and early 2024 will serve as the foundation for crafting a comprehensive Strategic Plan later in 2024.

What holds utmost importance for me, both as the educational leader of the district and as a newcomer to this community, is the direct and personal engagement with every individual who plays a role in making SPS the institution it is today. I firmly believe that without comprehensive, representative input and the fostering of candid and meaningful discussions, we cannot truly develop a Strategic Plan that reflects the needs and values of our district. 

You can read my initial letter to the SPS community from Fall 2023 here, and you can review our initial data from the Entry Plan process here.

Please stay tuned for ways to be involved and to learn more about our Strategic Plan.

Reports and Documents

At the request of Somerville Public Schools, FLO Analytics prepared forecasts of future student enrollment for PK through grade 12 for school years 2023–24 to 2032–33. The preliminary data indicate either a fairly steady or a slight decrease in enrollment over the next 10 years. At the higher end, the forecast indicates about a 2% increase in overall student enrollment between this year through SY33. At the lower end, the forecast indicates anywhere from a 5% to a 9% decrease in enrollment between this year through SY33. You can read the full report below.

Enrollment Forecast Memo

School Improvement Plans

Each year, schools engage with their School Improvement Councils to prepare and present School Improvement Plans. You can find each school's updated plans, here.


Central Office

The Central Offices of the Somerville Public Schools (SPS) are located at 167 Holland Street. The Superintendent’s Office is located on the second floor.

SPS Main Phone: 617-629-5200
Superintendent's Office: 617-629-5211
Fax: 617-629-5661

The Superintendent’s Executive Cabinet Team includes:

  • Dr. Rubén Carmona, Superintendent of Schools
  • Dr. Jessica Boston Davis, Assistant Superintendent of Academics
  • Chad Mazza, Assistant Superintendent of Operations
  • Amara Anosike, Chief of Staff and Strategy
  • Ildefonso Arellano, Director of Special Education
  • Liz Doncaster, Director of Student Services
  • Fran Gorski, Chief Financial Officer
  • Paulina Mitropoulos, Director of Multilingual Education
  • Jackie Piques, Chief Communications and Development Officer
  • Karen Woods, Chief Personnel Officer

The Superintendent's Office Staff includes:

  • Erika Garcia, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools and Chief of Staff and Strategy
  • Danielle Barry, Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendents of Schools and Director of Student Services