Two students during choice time

Equity and Excellence

Somerville Public Schools are deeply committed to improving equity of opportunity and access for every student in our district. The position of Director of Equity and Excellence was created in summer 2019 to that end.

Director of Equity and Excellence, Caeli Gallitano

The Director of Equity and Excellence works closely with school leaders to identify strengths and areas of growth through a lens of equity, and developing improvement strategies that will best serve each school community. The Department of Equity and Excellence partners with school leadership teams and values student, parent, and community contribution. 


Talking About Racism: A list of study materials for families and students.

Resources for Discussing Racism, Police Brutality, and Protests: A resource list for Somerville Public Schools educators. (You must have an SPS Google Account to access this document.)

Somerville Public Schools Equity Update to the School Committee Meeting 3/21/2022

Commitment to Equity: 2020 Presentation to the School Committee 

Diversity in the Somerville Public Schools' Human Resources Policy

SPS Equity Policy: Somerville Public Schools Equity Policy adopted by the Somerville School Committee November 2019