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Finance Department

The Finance Department of the Somerville Public Schools provides effective and efficient financial services to enhance and support teaching and learning. Responsibilities include: budget preparation, management of all fiscal operations in the district including administration for all local, state and federal funds; contracting and purchasing of supplies and services; accounts payable and receivable; revenue and expenditure tracking and auditing; data accuracy monitoring; local, state, and federal reporting; auxiliary programs supervision; and facilities oversight.


Open Bids and RFPs

School bus transportation for Winter Hill Community Innovation School. Open date: March 14, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.


Budget Information

FY2025 Budget Documents

FY25 Approved Budget Timeline

FY2024 Budget Documents

Budget Presentation Video - May 4, 2023

FY24 Budget Presentation - May 4, 2023

FY24 Approved Budget Timeline

REVISED FY24 Proposed Superintendent’s Budget Summary

FY24 Non Payroll Detail

Staffing Plan

REVISED FY24 Proposed GF Staffing Additions

FY24 Proposed Additions – Mid Year Hires

FY24 Proposed AIM Staffing Additions

FY24 Proposed ESSER Positions added to the GF

FY24 Proposed Staffing Reductions

FY24 ESSER Reductions

ESSER Shifts

FY2023 Budget Documents

FY23 Budget Presentation - May 11, 2022

FY23 Staffing Plan - April 2022

FY23 Non-Payroll Detail - May 16, 2022

FY23 Proposed Staff Changes - GF

FY23 Proposed Staff Changes - ESSER

FY23 Proposed Superintendent's Budget

FY2022 Budget Documents

FY22 School Committee Budget Presentation to City Council - June 3, 2021

FY22 School Committee Budget - June 3, 2021

FY22 Non-Payroll Detail - June 3, 2021

FY22 Staffing Changes - General Fund - May 26, 2021

FY22 Staffing Changes - Grant Funded - May 26, 2021

FY22 Final Staffing Plan - June 4, 2021

FY2021 Budget Documents

FY21 Budget Presentation - updated June 17, 2020 Budget Hearing

FY21 School Committee's Budget - June 22, 2020

FY21 Operational Detail - June 22, 2020

FY21 Staffing Plan - June 22, 2020

FY2020 Budget Documents

Video of Budget Hearing Presentation

FY20 Budget Presentation - June 5, 2019

FY20 School Committee's Budget (updated 6/5/2019)

FY20 Budget Operation Detail

FY20 Staffing Plan

FY2019 Budget Documents

FY2019 Budget Presentation - May 14, 2018

Superintendent's FY19 Budget Summary

FY19 Budget Operation Detail

FY19 Staffing Plan

FY2018 Budget Documents

Index to FY2018 Budget Documents

FY2018 Budget Timeline

FY2018 Budget Presentation - Final - June 12, 2017

FY2018 Budget Summary

FY2018 Budget Operation Detail

FY2018 Budget Staffing/Operations Detail

FY2018 Superintendent's Budget Letter on Behalf of School Committee

FY2017 Budget Documents

FY2017 School Budget Presentation

FY2017 Proposed Budget Summary

FY2017 Recommended Budget Requests

FY2017 Operations Detail

FY2017 Staffing Plan

Facilities Rental

The Finance Office is also responsible for managing the rental of school buildings. Information about facilities rental policies can be found at the "Rent Facilities" link to the right, or call 617-625-6600 x6010 to learn more about the facilities rental process. You can submit a school building Facilities Rental request online or download a Building Use Permit to begin the process.

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