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The Student Services department focuses on providing continuous support to all students in the areas of Student Attendance, Student Discipline, 504 Plan, School Nursing, Dropout Prevention, Mental Health, and School Safety. Please contact Director of Student Services, Elizabeth Doncaster, with any questions regarding Student Services at the Somerville Public Schools.

Student Services Central Administration Staff


School Counselors

Contact your School Counselor. Below is a list of all Counselors by school, with their email addresses.

Counselor Educators at Pre-K-8 Schools

School-based Social Workers at Pre-K-8 Schools

Counselors at Somerville High School

  • Justin LaBerge, Beacon Community School Counselor (students with last name A-CHE)
  • Melanie Banks, Beacon Community School Counselor (students with last name CHH-F)
  • Jeremy Rischall, Highland Community School Counselor (students with last name G-LE)
  • Kelly Albrecht, Highland Community Bilingual School Counselor (students with last name LH-N)
  • Natalia Ruiz Toro, Broadway Community Bilingual School Counselor (students with last name O-SAI)
  • Cathy Maguire, Broadway Community School Counselor (students with last name SAL-Z)
  • Anne Herzberg Eden, Elm Community School Counselor (newcomers in the Multilingual Learner Education (MLE) program)
  • Nancy Macias-Smith, Elm Community Bilingual Adjustment Counselor
  • Anne Irwin, Regular Education Adjustment Counselor
  • Alyssa O'Donnell, Regular Education Adjustment Counselor
  • Elly Mullins, Redirect Counselor
  • Somerville High School has a robust team of counselors. Find other counselors in addition to the staff members listed above at the SHS Counseling Website.

District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)

Parent & Guardian Guide to Somerville Public Schools