Attendance Supervisors

The Somerville Public Schools employs two full-time Supervisors of Attendance (Truant Officers) whose duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, investigating and accounting for the attendance of all compulsory school-age children ages 6-16, and to enforce laws relating to compulsory attendance. Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 76, Section 20, the Supervisor of Attendance may apprehend and take to school, without a warrant, any truant or absentee found wandering in the streets or public places.

The Supervisors of Attendance are housed at the Edgerly Education Center (8 Bonair Street) but also move about the community during school hours to provide immediate service to students who are on the street or in public places. Contact information and school assignments are noted below. For information about Attendance Policies, visit the School Committee Policies section of this website, and look for Policy #JE, Policy #JE-E, and Policy #JE-E1.

Ms. Christine Campbell:  (617) 629-5656 or x6856 if dialing from an SPS phone; responsible for the Argenziano, Capuano, Kennedy, East Somerville, Next Wave/Full Circle, Somerville High School.

Mr. Joseph King:  (617) 629-5657 or x6854 if dialing from an SPS phone; responsible for the Healey, Winter Hill, West Somerville, Brown, Next Wave / Full Circle, Somerville High School.