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We have a lot of resources and information available for new Somerville High School students.

Parents and Guardians of 8th graders, visit the Transition to High School Timeline.

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Daily Life at SHS

  • Career and Technical Programs at the Edgerly, 8 Bonair Street for 2019-2020
  • Find vacation days, holidays and early release days on the 2019-2020 School Year Calendar 
  • School starts at 7:55am and ends at 2:32pm. 
  • School ends at 1:33pm on Early Release Days. Find the Early Release Days posted on the SHS Homepage
  • Students' classes and lunch shifts are scheduled based on the Daily Schedule.
  • Free Breakfast for all students is served from 7:00am to 7:45am daily
  • Lunch from the cafeteria is free for ALL students. Students use their ID to get their lunches. The Food and Nutrition Services Department provides a monthly menu
  • Enter the building from the main entrance on 81 Highland Ave, which sits behind the modular classrooms
  • Phones are not allowed to be used in classrooms and at other school events during the day

Bus lines frequently used by SHS students


Health and Wellness


Mental Health Supports

  • I'm having a bad day. Talk to your counselor
  • I'm having more than a bad day either physically or emotionally. The Teen Connection Center, administered by the Cambridge Health Alliance offers health services for teens. Call them at 617-575-5690.
  • I saw someone get bullied. Report it anonymously online
  • I'm having problems keeping up with the work. Start by talking to or emailing your teacher, but know that there are a lot of tutors and resources available to keep you on track. You can also join a Homework Help session in the library every Thursday from 2:45pm - 3:15pm.
  • There are many programs in place at Somerville High School to support any student mental health needs. Talk to your Counselor about programs available for your needs.

Dental and Medical Health

  • The Teen Connection Center, administered by the Cambridge Health Alliance offers health services for teens. Call them at 617-575-5690.
  • Dental Care is available to students who need it. Please talk to your House counselor or assistant principal to learn more.
  • Find more information at the School Nursing page.

Class of 2024

Transition to High School Timeline

8th Grade

Summer before High School

  • Welcome letter from Principal LaGambina: coming soon.
  • July TBD: Summer Success Program. This is a summer enrichment program designed to orient incoming 9th grade students to Somerville High School, it's faculty and their peers. Registration by June, Visit the Summer Learning page to learn more. 
  • August: Freshman Orientation. Register by June. Dates: TBD, 10 AM to 1:30 PM. Learn about the high school schedule, daily expectations, classroom and building locations, and extracurricular opportunities from teachers and current students.
  • August: Receive final schedules through ASPEN.
  • August: Fall Sports team tryouts for Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Cheerleading and Medical screenings. Some sports begin practice in August.
    • August TBD: Fall sports medical screening and clearance. Football at 10:00am (freshmen and returning first year players), 11:00am returning football players. Cheerleading at 12:00pm.
    • August TBD: First day of football practice.
    • August TBD: One day orientation program for incoming freshmen. Students select which day to attend.
    • August TBD: Chearleading camp.
    • August TBD: Falls sports medical screening and clearance. Boys soccer at 10:00am (freshmen and first year players), 11:00am returning athletes. Girls soccer at 12:00pm (freshmen and first year players), 1:00pm returning athletes.
    • August TBD: Falls sports and medical screening clearance: Girls volleyball at 10:00am (freshmen and first year players), 11:00am returning athletes. Cross country at 12:00pm. Golf at 1:00pm.
  • August TBD: Freshman Orientation Barbecue, 5:00pm for Beacon House (A-Doq) and Elm House (Dor-Le).
  • August TBD: Freshman Orientation Barbecue, 5:00pm for Highland House (Li-Pi) and Broadway House (Pj-Z).

9th Grade

  • Fall: Family Open House. Parents and guardians follow their students' schedule, meet teachers and experience a day in the life of their student.
  • November: First quarterly report card issued