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Learn about Somerville High School

Class of 2026 Transition Events

Check out the slideshow about transition events to welcome you to Somerville High School.

Find answers to your questions

  • Visit the SHS website! www.somerville.k12.ma.us/shs.
  • Read through the Student Handbook, Parent / Guardian Guide or Program of Studies for information about expectations, policies, and academics on the Guides & Handbooks page.
  • Find an event on the district Calendar.
  • Email your teachers by visiting the Staff Directory or the Academics Pages to find department staff.
  • Talk to a school counselor.
  • Not sure who to ask? ¿No estás seguro a quién preguntarle? Contact your SFLC Family and Community Liaison, Nayi Padilla, x6265.
  • All students are put in one of four SHS Communities. Email, call, or stop by your to talk to your School Counselor or Community Assistant Principal.
  • Call the SHS front office 617-625-6600, x6100. 

Daily Life at SHS

  • Career and Technical Programs Education Department.
  • Students' classes and lunch shifts are scheduled based on the Daily Schedule.
  • Lunch from the cafeteria is free for ALL students. Students use their ID to get their lunches. The Food and Nutrition Services Department provides a daily menu. You can also visit the Food and Nutrition Services page to find resources for free meals and food pantries available to Somerville residents.
  • Phones are not allowed to be used in classrooms and at other school events during the day.

For Students who identify as LGBTQ+ 

  • Want to learn more about the student experience at SHS for LGBTQ+ students and their allies? Email English Teacher and student group leader for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Julia Post. Ms. Post will invite you to join the GSA Google Classroom.
  • Follow GSA on Instagram.
  • If you're looking for a gender-neutral bathroom, feel free to ask any adult in the building. You can also email Ms. Post.
  • If you want to meet other students who identify as LGBTQ+, be sure to check out the GSA events in the fall (there will be lots of them) and join the Google Classroom (Email Ms. Post.)

Bus lines frequently used by SHS students


Health and Wellness


  • Join an Athletic team.
  • Make new friends and learn a new skill by joining a club. Find a complete list of clubs by logging onto ASPEN once you start in the Fall. 

Mental Health Supports

  • I'm having a bad day. Talk to your counselor
  • I'm having more than a bad day either physically or emotionally. The Teen Connection Center, administered by the Cambridge Health Alliance offers health services for teens. Call them at 617-575-5690.
  • I saw someone get bullied. Report it anonymously online.
  • I'm having problems keeping up with the work. Start by talking to or emailing your teacher, but know that there are a lot of tutors and resources available to keep you on track. 
  • There are many programs in place at Somerville High School to support any student mental health needs. Talk to your Counselor about programs available for your needs.

Dental and Medical Health

  • The Teen Connection Center, administered by the Cambridge Health Alliance offers health services for teens. Call them at 617-575-5690.
  • Dental Care is available to students who need it. Please talk to your school counselor or assistant principal to learn more.
  • For information about e-cigarette use among teens and supports for students interested in learning more or quitting, please visit the Vaping Awareness page.
  • Find more information at the School Nursing page.