Overview of our Communities

SHS students are divided into four Communities designed to meet students’ academic and social needs through a comprehensive, collaborative team approach. Our school counseling staff is dedicated to practicing preventative, proactive counseling which includes discussing academic and adolescent issues, pre-college planning, career exploration, and post high school planning. Communication is key; we encourage family members to call their student's Community Team with questions.

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Elm Community

Newcomers in the Multilingual Learner Education Program

Direct Line:  617-629-5270

Paul Cooley, Assistant Principal
Anne Herzberg Eden, Multilingual School Counselor (Newcomers in the MLE Program)
Nancy Macias-Smith, Multilingual Adjustment  Counselor
Caterina Saenz, Dean of Students
TBD, Administrative Assistant


Beacon Community

Students with last names starting with A-F

Direct Line: 617-629-5260

Nicole Viele, Assistant Principal
Justin LaBerge, School Counselor (students with last name A-CHE)
Meghan Sousa, School Counselor (students with last name CHH-F)
Paula Mello, Administrative Assistant
Doreen Ward, Dean of Students

Highland Community

Students with last names starting with G-N

Direct Line:  617-629-5280

Harry Marchetti, Assistant Principal
Jeremy Rischall, School Counselor (students with last name G-LE)
Kelly Albrecht, Bilingual School Counselor (students with last name LI-N)
Kellie Cavanaugh, Administrative Assistant
Gilbert White, Dean of Students


Broadway Community

Students with last names starting with O-Z

Direct Line: 617-629-5290

Marie Foreman, Assistant Principal
Natalia Ruiz Toro, Bilingual School Counselor (students with last name O-SAI)
Cathy Maguire, School Counselor (students with last name SAL-Z)
Theresa Francis, Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Massillon, Dean of Students