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Getting Started

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Our Programs

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Future Programs
  • HVAC-R: begins September 2021 in the state of the art shop area of the new school building.
  • Plumbing: begins September 2021 in the state of the art shop area of the new school building.

Exploratory Program for 9th Grade Students

9th Grade students will visit all current Career and Technical Education programs during academic quarters 1-3. During the fourth quarter, students choose three concentrations. Based on instructor evaluation and student interests, students will remain in one of these three programs for the remainder of the year and continue in progressively more intense study during subsequent years.

The Articulation Agreement


The Articulation Agreement:

  • Provides a career pathway from high school through a post-secondary institution without the duplication of courses.
  • Ensures high expectations are established for students.
  • Encourages lifelong and applied learning.
  • Develops communication between high school teachers and post-secondary faculty who share the same discipline.

We are a member of the South Shore Collaborative.

An articulation agreement is a written contract between the high school and post-secondary institution regarding a specific career or technical program. The high school and the postsecondary institution faculty meet to determine similarities in the curriculum and develop a program pathway. Some agreements may grant guaranteed placement in a program while others may grant college credit for courses successfully completed in high school. Each agreement is individually developed to assure a sequence of progressive achievement leading to degrees or certificates in a program.

Currently we have Career Pathways and Articulation Agreements developed in all our programs.

Join one of our the Advisory Committees / Councils

Advisory committee members keep our programs finely-tuned by providing information on workforce trends, career & post secondary educational opportunities, technological developments, and more. If you have expertise, interest or can offer a diverse relationship with any of our thirteen-programs, please contact the interim Somerville High School, CTE Director, Roger Bourgeois for more information.

Important Information about SOLVED

SOLVED - Shore Occupational Learning and Vocational Education Division

The Somerville Public Schools is a member district of the Shore Educational Collaborative's Shore Occupational Learning and Vocational Educational Division (SOLVED). SOLVED provides access to exploratory experiences for students in member districts so that students may explore the particular program in which they have an expressed interest along with additional areas.  Somerville Public School provides exploratory experiences to SOLVED member school district students provided that they are enrolled in a SOLVED member school district for this purpose.  Likewise, SOLVED member school districts provide these experiences for Somerville Public School students enrolled in the Somerville Public Schools, Center for Career & Technical education for this purpose. After the exploratory program, SOLVED member school district students are eligible to apply for admission to schools of member districts in those instances where the student's home school district does not offer the particular vocational-technical program that is of interest to the student.

Students must meet the admission criteria for the school and then the program placement criteria of the member district where the program the student is seeking to enter is located. SOLVED member school district students will be evaluated and ranked using the criteria set forth in the Admissions Policy. Ninth grade students from collaborative districts may elect to explore specific vocational areas that are not offered within their District and participate in the freshman vocational selection process at the Somerville High School. Such students will be evaluated in the exploratory according to the established grading rubric.  If SOLVED member school district students are selected for a vocational placement, slots will be held for those students and they will be given the opportunity to transfer to the collaborative school district for enrollment as tenth graders.  All collaborative students will have to meet the basic requirements of promotion to the grade they seek and passing grades in English language arts or the equivalent and mathematics.  Collaborative students may be denied admission if their discipline records contain infractions involving weapons, drugs, assault on school staff or school threats.  Sending school district will be responsible for transportation for exploratory and freshmen students.

SOLVED member school district students are not eligible for first time admission as eleventh or twelfth grade students unless they are transferring from another vocational-technical program, and then they must follow the transfer procedures set forth below.

Application for Admission to a Chapter 74 school that is not in the SOLVED District must be in the City of Somerville Superintendent's office no later than April 1st of the previous applying year.