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Exploratory Program for 9th Grade Students

9th Grade students will visit all current Career and Technical Education programs during academic quarters 1-3. During the fourth quarter, students choose three concentrations. Based on instructor evaluation and student interests, students will remain in one of these three programs for the remainder of the year and continue in progressively more intense study during subsequent years.

The Articulation Agreement


The Articulation Agreement:

  • Provides a career pathway from high school through a post-secondary institution without the duplication of courses.
  • Ensures high expectations are established for students.
  • Encourages lifelong and applied learning.
  • Develops communication between high school teachers and post-secondary faculty who share the same discipline.

We are a member of the South Shore Collaborative.

An articulation agreement is a written contract between the high school and post-secondary institution regarding a specific career or technical program. The high school and the postsecondary institution faculty meet to determine similarities in the curriculum and develop a program pathway. Some agreements may grant guaranteed placement in a program while others may grant college credit for courses successfully completed in high school. Each agreement is individually developed to assure a sequence of progressive achievement leading to degrees or certificates in a program.

Currently we have Career Pathways and Articulation Agreements developed in all our programs.

Join one of our the Advisory Committees / Councils

Advisory committee members keep our programs finely-tuned by providing information on workforce trends, career & post secondary educational opportunities, technological developments, and more. If you have expertise, interest or can offer a diverse relationship with any of our thirteen programs, please contact the Somerville High School CTE Director for more information.


Assistant Principal / Director of Career and Technical Education James Hachey (x610401)

CTE Senior Clerk Darci Cangiamila (x610400)

COOP / WBL Meg McDevitt (x610402)