How to Request Interpretation and Translation Services

At Somerville Public Schools, we value our multilingual learners and families. To partner effectively with families who have limited English proficiency, we offer both interpretation and translation services to facilitate two-way communication between our staff and families. Below are a few concepts to get you familiar with the proper terms:

Interpretation is verbal communication. There are two ways to work with interpreters:

  • Consecutive interpretation happens when one person speaks at a time. This is most commonly used during parent teacher conferences, 1:1 meetings, nurse phone calls, parent coffee hours, etc. 
  • Simultaneous interpretation happens in real time and interpreters speak as the presenter is speaking. This is the most common use for bigger events (100+ people), such as ceremonies, town halls, school committee meetings, and all online meetings.

Translation is written communication. We offer translation services for documents that will help information become more accessible for families.


For SPS Family members: To request interpretation support, reach out to the Family & Community Liaison at your child's school, and a liaison will make a request on your behalf. For a list of liaisons at each school, click here.

Staff Members

For SPS Staff Members: To request interpretation or translation services, please use this link: A Multilingual Services Team member will acknowledge receipt of your request within 24 hours. If you have any urgent matters, please email interim Multilingual Services Coordinator Micaela Yang or call at (617) 335-7332.