Free MBTA Cards for SPS Students in Grades 7-12

Somerville Public Schools is happy to announce that we are providing M7 MBTA Cards for all our students in grades 7 to 12. With the M7 Card, students ride MBTA buses and subway lines for free during the school year. Please read through our FAQ below to learn more.

What is an M7 Card?

Students ride for free with an M7 Card. An M7 is a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) card paid for by the Somerville Public Schools. It is active 24/7 from the date of distribution through June 30th, 2023. M7 Cards can be used any time during the day for transportation on the MBTA. Students with an M7 Card ride the subway, buses, and sections of the commuter rail for free. During July and August, 2023, M7 Cards convert to S-Cards, which offer students discounted fares. Please see the next question for details on S-Card discounts.

What is an S-Card?

Students pay for their fares with an S-Card, but the fares are reduced from normal fares. S-Cards can be loaded with cash value for reduced fares or used to purchase $30.00 monthly passes or $10 7-day passes for unlimited travel on the bus and subway. This can be done using a credit or debit card at any MBTA station. Students can also show their S-Card to get half-price fares on the commuter rail and ferry, which are then printed on a CharlieTicket. S-Cards remain active until August 31st. 

Who is eligible for an M7 Card?

Somerville Public Schools students in grades 7-12 living and attending school in Somerville are eligible for M7 Cards. 

What if students do not use the card?

Any M7 Cards that are not used at least once by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 23rd will be deactivated. Students may reactivate their card by making the request to the front office staff at their school.

Which bus and subway lines accept my M7 Card?

Your card comes preloaded for unlimited travel on the bus, subway, and commuter rail zones 1A, 1, and 2. Youth can ride commuter rail zones 3 to 10 for half price with their M7 Card.

What should I do if I lose my M7 Card?

If your M7 is lost or stolen, please report this to the main office at your school. School staff will deactivate your old card, and issue you a new one. Card replacement may take up to five school days. S-Cards that are lost during the summer cannot be replaced. Funds loaded onto the card cannot be reimbursed.

How many replacement cards can students get?

Students are allowed one replacement card per school year. 

How long will my M7 Card work?

Student M7 Cards are active from the initial distribution date through June 30th of the following year. During July and August, M7 Cards convert to S-Cards, which can be used for discounted fares, but a student or parents/guardians must add money to the card. This can be done using a credit or debit card at any MBTA station. S-Cards remain active until August 31st and will be deactivated after that date. 

Can I use my M7 Card after the school year ends?

M7 Cards can be used through June 30th. Cards then automatically convert to a preloaded S-Card. All cards are deactivated after August 31st. 

Where can my student pick up their M7 Card? 

Cards will be distributed to students at schools by the end of September. If your student has not received their card by this time, please contact the front office staff at their school.

What if I don’t want my student to have an M7 Card?

Parents/guardians who would like to opt out of the program can contact their school’s front office staff to have their student’s M7 Card deactivated.

I added cash value to my S-Card and it has been deactivated. What do I do?

Cash value can be transferred to a new S-Card even after the card has been deactivated or expired. To complete this process, the student or parents/guardians will need to visit the CharlieCard Store located at 7 Chauncy Street Boston, MA 02111. The CharlieCard Store can only transfer the funds if the student or parents/guardians have either both cards or both serial card numbers with them at the time of transfer.

My student is not in 7th-12th grade but received an S-Card in the past. Can they still get an S-Card?

Students who were issued S-Cards in the past will continue to have access to S-Cards through their school. Please contact the front office of your student’s school for more information.

Can other members of the family use the M7 Card?

M7 Cards are intended for use by Somerville Public Schools students only. 

What if I have additional questions? 

Please contact the front office staff at your student’s school.