2022 Liaison Team Photo

School-Based Family and Community Liaison Team

Our multilingual Liaison Team works with families, schools, and SPS departments to promote home-school partnerships through welcoming, responsive, and inclusive programming.

Liaison Team

SFLC Director: Nomi Davidson

Basic Needs and Housing Support Director: Regina Bertholdo, 617-625-6600 x6994 cell: 781-468-6422

Basic Needs and Housing Support Social Worker: Jennifer Ochoa, 617-629-5666 x6996 cell: 617-839-5298

Argenziano School: Telma Leitao, 617-629-5460 

Brown School: Marla Aguirre, 617-629-5620

Capuano Early Childhood Center: Deborah Duarte-Calorio, 617-629-5480 x3649

East Somerville Community School: Gisela Hernandez and Marla Aguirre, 617-629-5400 x3709

Healey School: Heidy Castro and Deborah Duarte-Calorio, 617-629-5420

Kennedy School: Francesca Nguyen Vo Broekman, 617-629-5440 x6604 cell: 617-863-2421

West Somerville Neighborhood School: Lee-Anne King, 617-625-6600 x6451

Winter Hill Community Innovation School: MaryLou Carey-Sturniolo (does not work during summer break) and Karla Cabrera, 617-629-5680

Next Wave/Full Circle: Eline Santana, 617-629-5640 x611531

Somerville High School: Nayi Padilla and Elene Santana, 617-625-6600 x611041

District-wide Haitian Liaison: Nehemie St. Louis, 617-625-6600 x611531


More About Liaisons

Liaisons help families...

  • Connect to school and city programs and supports, services and community resources.
  • Connect to Parent/Guardian English Classes, and SFLC programs.
  • Support or host school-wide and classroom-based events.
  • Arrange for interpretation and/or translation.
  • Provide school tours and information for prospective and incoming families.


  • Welcome all families in the school community.
  • Support home-school communication.
  • Provide information about school and community programs and opportunities.
  • Refer families and staff to school and community resources.