SFLC Liaison Team photo

School-Based Family and Community Liaisons

Family and Community Liaisons work with families and schools to support home-school partnerships. The multilingual Liaison Team works collaboratively in and across schools to promote welcoming, responsive and inclusive schools and programs. 

Liaison Team

District Family / Community Partnerships, Sarah Davila, 617-625- 6600 x6097

SFLC Director, Nomi Davidson

SFLC Liaison Program Coordinator: Meghan Bouchard, 617-625-6600, x6969

Basic Needs and Homeless Liaison, Francis Reyes, 617-625-6600, x6994

Argenziano School: Telma Leitao, 617-625-6600, x6366

Brown School: Kelly Richter, 617-625-6600, x6409

Capuano Early Childhood Center: Sally Peterson, 617-625-6600, x3645

East Somerville Community School: Jennifer Ochoa, 617-625-6600, x3706

Kennedy School: Francesca Nguyen Vo Broekman, 617-625-6600, x6644

Healey School: Heidi Castro, 617-625-6600, x6500

West Somerville Neighborhood School: Lee-Anne King, 617-625-6600, x6451

Winter Hill Community Innovation School: MaryLou Carey-Sturniolo, 617-625-6600, x6708

Next Wave/Full CircleChaylin Diaz 

Somerville High School Vanety Cruz, 617-625-6600, x6265