SPS Full In-Person Learning Model

A Full In-Person Learning Model brings all SPS students back into the buildings to engage in in-person learning. Students in the Full In-Person Learning Model would be required to abide by the specified health and safety regulations developed in the in-person component of the Phased Hybrid Learning Model, such as staggered entry into buildings, clear entry and exit points, frequent handwashing/hand sanitizing, individual student materials, and social distancing. In addition, all students and staff would continue to be required to wear a face covering at all times, with special accommodations made for students with sensory impairments and students or staff with medical conditions that might preclude them from safely wearing a face covering.

After consultation with our Mayor, School Committee, and Health Commissioner, in conjunction with the initial buildings analysis, lack of general space, and the adoption of a minimum 6-foot social distancing requirement at all times in our school buildings and campuses (as well as the inability of our classrooms to safely fit our student population at full capacity with 3-foot social distancing requirements), we have determined that returning with a Full In-Person Learning Model at the start of the fall semester is not a viable or safe option at this time. Depending on the extent of the issues in our buildings, we will need to further evaluate the possibility of returning in a Full In-Person Learning Model during 2020-2021 while there is any social distancing requirement (3 ft or 6ft) in place. 

We look forward to the time when conditions facilitate the safe reengagement into a full in-person learning environment. As conditions and safety guidelines evolve we will continue to plan for re-engaging our schools as spaces for full in-person learning reflective of classroom environments prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.