I. Introduction

The Somerville Public Schools Fall 2020 Reopening Plan is intended to serve as a guideline as we enter the 2020-2021 school year in the midst of a Covid-19 global pandemic and new health and safety requirements that are informing and impacting the way we teach and learn. This plan has been informed by guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (see Section IX. Links and Resources for links to that guidance), guidance from the Somerville Department of Health and Human Services, expert epidemiologists and immunologists, and student, family and staff input that we have solicited over the last several months through surveys, Town Halls, public comment, and personal outreach. Our goal has been to develop a plan that will ensure a high-quality, comprehensive learning experience for all students, while keeping the health and safety of our students, staff and families at the forefront of our planning.

In this document, we have attempted to outline what teaching and learning will look like over the course of the year, recognizing the importance of being able to transition seamlessly from remote teaching and learning to in-person teaching and learning as health and safety conditions dictate. We will continue to monitor the trajectory of the virus as well as local, regional, and national health trends as we continue to work toward a safe and gradual return to our schools.