X. Preparing for Continuity of Learning

One of the most important considerations of our planning for reopening is to put structures in place that will ensure continuity of learning as the trajectory of the virus and, therefore, as health and safety conditions evolve. The Somerville Environmental Health and Safety Committee was formed to focus on health protocols related to Covid-19. The Committee is in the process of developing metrics and guidelines around responding to Covid-19 scenarios.

The goal is to develop protocols and processes that support safe in-person learning and allow for a seamless transition between remote and in-person instruction as the need arises. On July 17, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education issued additional guidance specifically related to responding to Covid-19 scenarios in school, on the bus, or in community settings. Those guidelines are helping to inform the Environmental Health and Safety Committee’s work. Additional guidance, protocols, and policy recommendations will be forthcoming as the Committee continues its work. Three subcommittees have been formed to focus on the following specific areas:

  • Daily Health Assessment Protocols & Practices
  • Community Monitoring Indicators - Assessing Levels of Capacity and Risk within schools and the surrounding community
  • Guiding Practices around the implementation of the DESE "Protocols for Responding to COVID-19 scenarios in school, on the bus, or in community settings"