Student Kindergarten Artwork of Cardinals on a snowy backdrop

Weather-related School Closures / Delayed Starts

Fundamentally, the decision whether or not to cancel school is driven first and foremost by safety.

The decision involves looking at multiple factors and working closely with other city departments and vendors, always keeping safety at the forefront of our decision-making. Every storm presents its own unique challenges and all of the factors identified below must be taken as a whole in order for us to make the best and safest decision possible.

We recognize that cancelling school can present a hardship for families, and therefore do our best to use as much data and information as we have available to make the best decision possible for our students, staff members, and families. We also believe it’s important to provide families adequate time to plan for care, therefore we strive to call school cancellation as early as possible the evening before, understanding that there is a risk of weather patterns changing.


School Closure/Delayed Start Thought Wheel

Late Start Days in the Somerville Public Schools

Días de Inicio Tarde en las Escuelas Públicas de Somerville - Spanish

Dias de Início Tardio nas Escolas Públicas de Somerville - Portuguese

Jou y ap kòmanse an reta nan Lekòl Piblik Somerville yo - Haitian Creole