Food & Nutrition Services

Food distribution will continue to remain a top priority. Food distribution sites housed at four SPS school locations were set up during the Spring and continue during the Summer. We are currently providing an average of 3,000 breakfasts and lunches a week and will continue to support food security throughout the 2020-21 school year. 

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive plan to ensure all SPS students have access to food during any period of remote learning whether a student is participating in Full Remote or during remote learning days in the Phased Hybrid Learning Model. Breakfast and lunch will be provided during both in-person and remote instruction. During in-person instruction, breakfast and lunch will be served in the classrooms. Details on how meals will be distributed or made available when students are learning remotely are still being finalized and will be communicated to families before the end of August.  

Food Preparation

Protocols are in place to prepare food safely. These protocols include:

  • Food safety training and review of current food safety plans for all staff and substitutes. 
  • Modified kitchen workstations to adhere to established physical distancing protocols. Workstations face the same direction or are against the wall. 
  • Adjustment of food preparation and service procedures to minimize shared items, maintain physical distance, and comply with health and safety regulations. 
  • The use of SFSPac Germicidal Cleanser, a spray on-wipe off product that has been confirmed to kill the COVID-19 virus in all food preparation areas. 
  • Staff working in cohort-based staggered schedules to reduce opportunities for transmission. 
  • Established methods in place to ensure continuity of food service operations if a member of the food service team were to become sick. 
  • Clear entrances for deliveries established and in areas to reduce crowding.  

In-Person Meals

The department of Food and Nutrition Services surveyed each school and met with each principal to co-create a food service plan specific to the needs and physical layout of individual school buildings. Therefore slight differences in protocols will exist between buildings as needed. 

Breakfast and lunch will be served in classrooms. Meals provided by SPS Food and Nutrition Services will be individually wrapped and delivered in insulated travel bags. Reported student allergies will be noted and meals will be planned accordingly. Students and staff will remain in the classroom to eat or move to another designated safe space. Where students can eat is being planned for by building Principals and school reopening committees. Some school buildings have alcoves, large hallways, gyms, or other large open spaces where students can eat and still maintain the required minimum 6-foot distancing. Wherever and whenever possible (weather and space permitting), students may also go outside to eat. 

Students will clean desks before and after eating. Disinfectants used will be appropriate for use with food surfaces. Materials used to wipe down surfaces will be properly disposed of. Students will properly wash or sanitize their hands before and after eating. Masks will be removed during meal times. While eating, staff and students will maintain a 6-foot distance. Lunch monitors will be available to assist.

Food Waste

After eating, staff and students will place all waste - food, disposable utensils, paper goods, etc - into identified containers for waste. The waste will be placed in a designated area outside of the classroom or other learning space for removal by custodial staff.   

Water fountains

We currently do not have touchless water fountains in our school buildings, therefore water fountains will not be operational. Students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles filled with water on days that they are learning on site. Bottled water will also be made available. We are exploring touchless options for high-touch areas including water fountains, in our school buildings.