Students are encouraged to join an Athletics Club or Team. Please visit the Athletics Department webpage to learn more.

High School Curriculum

Somerville High School offers a comprehensive health and physical education program. Freshmen and juniors are required to take course offerings in Health, while sophomores and seniors are required to take Physical Education courses. Each high school course is a semester long course and meets 4 times per week for 55 minute periods.

  • Freshmen and juniors take Health 1, Health 2, Fashion, Child Study, and Shape Up Nutrition.
  • Sophomores and seniors take Team Sports, Competitive Sports, Introduction to Dance, Introduction to Weight Training, Lifetime Activities, Non-Competitive Activities, Fitness Education, and Sports Medicine.
  • High School students also have the option to join the Dance Club or Badminton / Ping Pong Club.
  • High School students are encouraged to take advantage of the fitness room open hours every day before and after school.

Healthy Choices: Alcohol, Drug, and Violence Prevention

The Somerville Public Schools are committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment to maximize student learning. We support students effectively communicating their needs, interests, and opinions, making healthy choices and respecting the needs, interests, and opinions of others. 


Please visit the district's Health & Wellness Department webpage for more information about district-wide initiatives.