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Follow the registration process described on the Sports Registration page. 

Fall Programs

Football. Head Coach: Makonnen Fenton, Assistant Coach: Joe Laudano, Assistant / JV Coaches: Kevin Prophete and Ta'keame Gomes-Keel, Assistant / Freshmen Coaches: Zachary Shea
Co-ed Golf. Head Coach: Brian O'Donovan, Assistant Coach: Craig Seabury
Boys Soccer. Head Coach: Tiago Moreira, JV Coach: Paul Clarke, Freshmen Coach: Brian Gutierrez, Volunteer Assistant Coach: Jonathan Tsirigotis
Girls Soccer. Head Coach: Tony Arias, JV Coach: Manny Gabriel, Freshmen Coach: Ariana Medeiros
Boys Cross Country. Head Coach: Sean Fitzgerald, Assistant Coach: Charlie Tesch
Girls Cross Country. Head Coach: Sean Fitzgerald, Assistant Coach: Charlie Tesch
Girls Volleyball. Head Coach: Steven Walker, JV Coach: Anthea Rathjens, Freshmen Coach: TBD
Competitive Cheerleading. Head Coach: Alexandra Hines
PlayVS Esports. Head Coach: Ryan Sebek. We have also added PlayVS ESports as a program this year. ESports takes video gaming to the next level with organized competitive gameplay between two teams and requires teamwork, communication, creativity, sportsmanship, and leadership. For more information and to register click here.

Winter Programs

Boys Basketball. Head Coach: Mark Antonelli. JV Coach: Ian Comack. Freshmen Coach: Yianny Tsirigotis
Girls Basketball. Head Coach: Sheila Freitas Haley. JV Coach: Nicole Doras
Boys Ice Hockey. Head Coach: Chris Capasso. JV Coach: Matt Osgood. Assistant Coach: Christian Brinkley
Girls Ice Hockey. Head Coach: Genevieve Richardson. Assistant Coach: Nicole Read. (Co-op with Cambridge Rindge and Latin)
Boys Indoor Track and Field. Head Coach: Dave Dickerson. Assistant Coach: Carl Stauffer
Girls Indoor Track and Field. Head Coach: Dave Dickerson. Assistant Coach: Carl Stauffer
Co-Ed Swimming. Head Coach: Steve Walker. Assistant Coach: Erin McDonough  
Competitive Cheerleading. Head Coach: Alexandra Hines

Spring Programs

  • Season: March 14th – June 20th
  • March 8th – March 10th: Tentative clearance dates
  • Student athletes need to make sure to register on FamilyID, get an updated physical, and get medically cleared by our Athletic Trainer.
Baseball. Head Coach: Matt O'Donnell. Assistant Coach: Gary Meskall. JV Coach: Ian Comack
Boys Lacrosse. Head Coach: Charles Graham
Girls Lacrosse. Head Coach: Kanika Misra
Softball. Head Coach: Paul French. Freshmen Coach: Chris Bartlett
Boys Outdoor Track and Field. Head Coach: Dave Dickerson
Girls Outdoor Track and Field. Head Coach: Emma Gardiner
Boys Tennis. Head Coach: Michael Morgan
Girls Tennis. Head Coach: Mark Kirwan
Boys Volleyball. Head Coach: Steve Walker
Club Boys Ultimate Frisbee. Advisor: Alicia Kersten. Head Boys Coach: Carlos Contreras
Club Girls Ultimate Frisbee. Advisor: Alicia Kersten. Head Girls Coach: Beth O'Connor
Club Crew. Varsity Coach: Katherin Faigen