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Directions and Information to Somerville Athletics Venues: Map of Our Facilities.

Spectator Code of Conduct

The Somerville Public Schools and the Greater Boston League are committed to promoting good sportsmanship, and developing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for competition. We believe the opportunity to represent a school is a privilege, which is accompanied by the responsibility to act with dignity, integrity, and respect at all times.

Individuals associated with a (league) member institution are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that represents the highest level of honor, and to observe the tenets of good sportsmanship: honesty, fairness, dignity, civility, and respect. Somerville leads the way in ensuring sporting events are safe and enthusiastic! Give honor and respect to student-athletes, coaches, officials, families, and fans by:

  • Appreciating outstanding plays by all teams and athletes
  • Supporting decisions by coaches and officials
  • Showing you are a role model on the field and in the stands
  • Using only positive language and gestures
  • Removing your hat and remaining standing for the entire National Anthem
  • Entering and exiting safely
  • Not doing YOUR part to ASSURE Somerville athletic events are safe and positive may result in being told to leave or being banned from all sporting events

Athletic Transportation Information

Due to the increased costs passed on to the schools for transportation, we have become as creative as possible in trying to save on bus expenses. For weekend tournaments and for teams with very small roster, we try to coordinate with parents to drive to and from events. As a general policy for larger teams, if a contest is played during the week, we will provide transportation one way or both ways, depending on location.

One-way transportation means that a bus will take the athlete to the contest, but the parent would be expected to pick up the athlete at the away site after the contest concludes. Policies vary from sport to sport, so be sure to inquire with your particular program.

Bus Release for athletes

When transportation is provided both ways, all athletes must be on the bus on the return trip home. If there are extraordinary circumstances, parents may ask for permission to transport their own athlete (you may not transport another family's son or daughter) home form a contest. This must be done using the form below at least two days ahead of the contest. Fill out the Athletic Transportation Release Form and give it to the student's head coach at least 24 hours ahead of time.