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Middle Grades Athletics

Registration for 2019 Middle Grades Athletics is now open. See below for instructions.
The Somerville Public Schools Athletics Department provides a wide variety of sports at different levels of commitment and competitiveness for Middle Grades students in conjunction with the Somerville Recreation Department. Registration instructions and a complete list of teams and events are below. Open the Middle Grades Athletics Flyer for more detail about programming. 

Intramural Sports

All teams are school-based and play other teams within Somerville. The Intramural Sports program teaches student-athletes skills and strategy in a fun, structured environment, with an emphasis on sportsmanship. 2019-2020 Guide to Intramural Sports.

Interscholastic Sports

The Interscholastic Sports teams compete outside the city in the Greater Boston League in a more competitive environment. This program prepares student-athletes for play in high school programs and requires a greater time commitment and travel. 2019-2020 Guide to Interscholastic Sports.

How to Register online using FamilyID

Registration is required for participants in Intramural and Interscholastic sports programs.

Log onto and follow the steps below. A parent/guardian of the student-athlete must complete these forms. Returning members may log in and follow steps 2 through 3 below. If you need assistance, call FamilyID at 888-800-5583 x1. Support is available 7 days a week and message will be returned promptly.

  • Create your secure FamilyID account by entering your family name, email address and password.  You will receive an email with a link to confirm your new account. (if you don't see the email, please check your spam or junk folders). You MUST click the link provided in your email, login and register per steps 2 and 3 below.
  • Click the link for season sport and complete the information requested on the form. Make sure you click save and continue.
  • Confirm your registration: once complete you will be asked to click "confirm registration" or add another participant. (Your will receive an email confirming your registration from FamilyID).
  • You can log back into FamilyID at any time to update your information or check your registrations.

Interscholastic ATHLETICS CLEARANCE CHECKLIST (not needed for Intramural program participants.):

  • Register online to
  • Did you receive an email from the athletic director or athletic trainer stating that your registration was received and that it is under review - if not go back to step 1.
  • Did you receive an email from the athletic director or athletic trainer stating that your registration is good or does it need some changes? If needs some changes you must make those changes at before the cut-off date or you will not be cleared.
  • Show up to your mandatory medical screening and clearance with your:
    • Online registration completed
    • With a Physical (must be current - no more than 13 months old)
    • With a Copy of your insurance card
    • Be prepared for ImPact Test (Testing will be 1 hour long)


Fall Sports: Interscholastic

Interscholastic Boys and Girls Cross Country
Interscholastic Baseball
Interscholastic Softball

Falls Sports: Intramural

Intramural Learn to Play Tennis
Coach: Mike Morgan - Mondays 3:30PM- Dilboy Tennis Courts
Intramural Flag Football
Argenziano School - Dan Roche 
East Somerville - Scott Weaver 
Healey School - Selam Woldmariam 
Kennedy School - Peter George 
West Somerville - Neil Holloway 
Winter Hill - Ben Senecal 
Intramural Volleyball
Argenziano School - Emmanel Makadi and Tenzin Lhadon
East Somerville - Tim Cronin
Healey School - Patrick Melo
Kennedy School - Alison Morales 
West Somerville - Alison Kase 
Winter Hill - Julie Scafidi 


Winter Sports: Interscholastic

Interscholastic Boys Basketball
Coach: TBD, Basketball Schedule
Interscholastic Girls Basketball
Coach: TBD, Basketball Schedule


Winter Sports: Intramural

Intramural Boys Indoor Soccer
Argenziano School - Sarthak Khanal 
East Somerville - Tim Cronin
Healey School - Selam Woldmariam 
Kennedy School/West Somerville School - Getulio Dos Reis - Hosted at the West Somerville
Winter Hill - Casey  Kotzuba 
Intramural Girls Indoor Soccer
Argenziano School - Ariana Medeiros 
East Somerville - Jessica MacMartin 
Healey School - Chris Mitchell 
Kennedy School/West Somerville School - Miranda Rego - Hosted at the Kennedy
Winter Hill - Julie Scafaldi
Recreation Liaison - Tony Arias

Spring Sports: Interscholastic

Interscholastic Outdoor Track and Field
Coach: Mr. Brian Kennedy, Track and Field Schedule

Spring Sports: Intramural

Intramural Boys Basketball
Argenziano  - Dan Roche 
East Somerville - Scott Weaver 
Healey - Steve Celestin 
Kennedy - Peter George 
West Somerville - Neil Holloway 
Winter Hill - Ben Senecal 
Intramural Girls Basketball
Argeziano Girls - Mariah Vasquez 
East Somerville - Allison Gross and Lindsay Garofalo 
Healey - Wanda McLaren 
Kennedy - Nicole Estey 
West Somerville - Les Lartey 
Winter Hill - Casey Kotzuba 
City Wide Swim Meet Event
Register through your PE teacher or through the website. 3/2/2019 at Kennedy Pool 12PM
Elementary Indoor Track and Field Meet Event
Intro to Competitive Swim Class
We offer Competitive Swim Classes at the Kennedy School Swimming Pool every spring for 4 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays after school. The program is free and open to Somerville Public School students in grades 3-8. Each week covers a different stroke (Crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly). Students will also practice diving and flip turning. Program offered through Somerville Recreation, please contact Jamie Ballerini for more information.
Outdoor Track and Field Meet Event
Visit for more information and to register

Spring  Sports: Travelling Teams

Girls City-Wide Travel Basketball (Pride)
Visit for more information and to register
Boys City-Wide Travel Basketball (Tradition)
Visit for more information and to register