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Sports Medicine at Somerville Public Schools

Certified Athletic Training

Student-athlete safety is a top priority for Highlander Athletics. Athletic trainers have a specialized scope of practice that includes injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Michelle Kelly, MA, LAT, ATC is our full-time athletic trainer who provides a unique and qualified skill set to meet the needs of student-athlete care and safety. As a health care provider, it is the responsibility of the licensed athletic trainer to determine if an injured athlete may continue to participate in their sport, and when they will be allowed to return to participation. This determination is often done in conjunction with our volunteer consulting physicians or with the athlete's primary care/orthopedic physician.

We have a partnership with Cambridge Health Alliance Sports Medicine, which provides sideline coverage at varsity football games, office visits, and physical therapy.

Michelle also serves as the District Coordinator for Concussion Management. She provides education, evaluation, and management of all concussions that occur within our Somerville Public Schools.

Recommended Orthopedic Services

Highlander Athletics is pleased to recommend orthopedic services for our student-athletes at the following locations.

CHA Assembly Square Sports Medicine

5 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA, 1st floor
Dr. David Wing: 617-665-2007, 617-665-1566
Nicholas Wilson, PT: Physical Therapist - Manager Ambulatory Rehab and Sports Medicine: 617-591-4692
Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine
SPORTS MEDICINE AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP: When you call, state that you are an affiliated group member from Somerville High School: Priority and urgent appointments: 857-218-5093, Concussion Clinic: 781-216-1328 or 617-355-3501

Responsibilities of the student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian

Highlander student-athletes are expected to work in partnership with their coaches, athletic trainer, and medical professionals to ensure they stay in the right physical condition to succeed on the field and in the classroom. Student-athletes are expected to:

  • Inform the athletic trainer of ALL injuries that occur during the season, whether or not it happened while participating in their sport. This is essential in the recovery process.
  • Inform the athletic trainer of ALL medical doctor visits regarding injury and return to participation.
  • Provide the athletic trainer with a written note from ALL doctor visits. This is important for documentation of an athlete's injury and return to participation guidelines, plus it aids in communication between the physician and Highlander Athletics. In some cases, the student-athlete will not be allowed to return to participation without a note from their physician.

Important Information Regarding Physical Examinations

In order to be in compliance with recent state regulation, physical exams will be required every thirteen months to the day of the exam.


Additional Resources for Athletes and Families

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Stretching and Hydration Information for Students and Parents