Find your proximity school

Many parents and guardians send their children to their neighborhood school, also called a proximity school. Please find your child's proximity school by looking up your address on the:

Alphabetical Street Directory Please call the Enrollment Office (formerly the Parent Information Center) if you have any questions about your proximity school: 625-6600, x6962.

Visit the Schools Overview Page for a map of the location of all schools.

Tips for Choosing a School

Somerville is a "Choice School District" which means residents of Somerville have the option to send their students to any of our eight district K-8 schools. Most students receive their first choice school. Preference is given (in this order) to siblings of students already enrolled in a school, students who choose their proximity school and the ranking parents and guardians place on the school registration form.

Here are a few ways you can learn more about the individual schools:

  • Visit school webpages. Find out about locations and about special programs. And don't forget to follow the schools on Facebook, to learn about classroom projects and school events:
  • Read the Parent / Guardian Guide to Somerville Public Schools in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Haitian Creole to find out more about each school.
  • Visit Schools  during Open Houses. Visit classrooms, meet teachers, staff and students, and decide which school fits your student.
  • Evening presentations. Most schools host evenings to meet parents of current students, meet staff and watch a presentation. Take a look at the District Calendar to find dates and times or ask at schools when you visit.
  • Parent Information coffee hours during Open House week The Enrollment Office (formerly the Parent Information Center) hosts coffee hours before Open House mornings to give parents a chance to ask our staff questions, and swap notes with other parents going through the same process.
  • Watch segments of Our Schools, Our City cable television show highlighting programs, initiatives, services and events in Somerville Public Schools and in our community.
  • Attend a school or District event. Our online calendar provides information about the public activities happening regularly in each school - whether it be an open house, a concert, family math night, or student science fair presentations. You are welcome to attend these events if you are seeking to better understand how our schools will meet the needs of your children, or you as a potential member of our team.
  • has a really nice summary of questions to ask yourself as you learn about K-8 Schools.
  • Attend a Kindergarten Registration Information Session for a multilingual presentation on the registration process and for answers to more specific questions you may have about registration.

Controlled School Choice for K - 8 Students

Somerville uses a "Controlled Choice" Student Assignment Policy. According to this policy, children will be assigned to schools in order of the following fairness preferences:

  1. Programmatic Priority Placements (for example, special education children are placed into special classes at schools with those respective programs)
  2. Sibling Preference Placements
  3. Proximity Preference Placements
  4. Lottery: If the fairness preferences listed above are not sufficient to determine placement, assignment shall be based on a random lottery.

Students already enrolled in the Somerville Public Schools who submit a timely school-transfer application will be given priority before other newly enrolled students. To register, the Enrollment Office will accept applications of students who are actually physically residing in the city.

Waiting Lists for K - 8 Students

Every effort will be made to accomodate parent's preferences within the system of priorities, educational seating capacity, and the district's fairness guidelines. Parents / Guardians of students who are not assigned to a first choice school may request that their child be placed on a waiting list for that school by completing a "Wait List Request Form" available at the Enrollment Office. The Enrollment Office will inform you when a space becomes available for your child to attend your first choice school. Assignments from the waiting list will be made in accordance with the "Controlled Choice" fairness preferences indicated.

The waiting list for all schools will expire November 1st. Any parent who is still interested in transferring a student to a first choice school after the expiration date should contact the Enrollment Office. If a parent is dissatisfied with the student assignment and does not wish to continue at that school during the next school year, a request for a transfer can be made by contacting the Enrollment Office in April.

No more than one transfer will be allowed during any school year.