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World Language at Somerville High School

Home Learning

All World Language teachers have shared enrichment activities specific to their language of study on their Google Classrooms, through Remind App, or through email. Please email your teacher with specific questions or email World Languages Department Head Ms. Machnik at lmachnik@k12.somerville.ma.us

Resources and links for language study:

About World Language

The World Language Department at Somerville High School offers French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Instruction in the sequential levels stresses the development of language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking as well as acquiring an understanding and appreciation of other cultures. The department is staffed with 13 highly qualified language educators, many who are are native speakers. The curriculum is based upon the Massachusetts Foreign Language Curriculum Frameworks as well as nationally recognized standards in language education study. These learning standards are referred to as the "Five C's": Communication, Culture, Connections (to other subject areas), Comparisons (to the native language), and Communities (using the target language outside of the classroom). Students are grouped both homogeneously and heterogeneously at Somerville High School and at Full Circle High School.

The World Language Department Chair is Dr. Lisa Machnik. Please visit the World Language Department page to learn more about opportunities across the district.

Study Abroad

Language students from Somerville High School have taken group trips to Spain, Portugal, and Cuba. There is also an established exchange trip with Gaeta, Italy.

Students en route to Cuba


World Language 1

  • Spanish 1 honors or standard
  • French 1 honors or standard
  • Portuguese 1 honors or standard
  • Italian 1 honors or standard
  • Students are introduced to fundamental vocabulary through an active oral approach to provide a basis for ongoing development of communicative competency in the four language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). The cultural content introduces the countries and its people.


World Language 2

  • Spanish 2 honors or standard
  • French 2 honors or standard
  • Portuguese 2 honors or standard
  • Italian 2 honors or standard
  • Students continue to practice fundamental patterns of the target language as they expand vocabulary and master tenses. Students improve oral proficiency and develop accuracy in reading comprehension and writing.


World Language 3

  • Spanish 3 honors or standard
  • French 3 honors or standard
  • Portuguese 3 honors or standard
  • Italian 3 honors or standard
  • Portuguese 3 and Italian 3 may be combined into one class, depending on enrollment
  • Students review patterns of Language 1 and 2 while expanding structures and vocabulary based on topics and selected readings. These provide a foundation for more independent conversational practice. Interactive activities seek to provide a greater proficiency in aural/oral skills.


World Language 4

  • French 4 honors
  • Portuguese 4 honors
  • Italian 4 honors
  • Portuguese 4 and Italian 4 may be combined into one class, depending on enrollment
  • Language 4 students must be proactive and work in an independent manner. It is designed for the student who is seriously interested in developing facility in the use of the target language. The advanced student works to improve oral proficiency in self generated conversations and presentations based on topics as well as cultural or literary themes.