Decorated Clay art tiles

ART at Somerville High School

All students are encouraged to learn visual arts through class time or through a club. Students may also pursue an Independent Study in art by contacting the Art Department Supervisor. High School level classes include Ceramics, Digital Art, Photography, Cartooning, Design, and more. Take a look at the Program of Studies on the Guides & Handbooks page to learn more. We also offer many after school clubs to develop skills and work with classmates on shared interests.

Art Honors Society

Qualifying students in art programs may expect to be inducted into the Art Honors Society based on achievement. Ask an art teacher to learn more.

Art Club

Art Club members work on art projects in the SHS or Somerville community events, with organizations like the Somerville Arts Council. There will be opportunities to view art, attend guest lectures, and participate in art competitions.

Fashion Club

This club is for the fashionista, the creative designer, and all those in between. It meets on Tuesdays after school at least twice a month. Students will create news segments for the Villen Fashion Beat videos and contribute to the Villen Fashion Beat Blog in The Piper (our school newspaper). Anyone interested in sewing is welcome to bring supplies for their projects to club and you will be able to create your fashion masterpieces. Join us!


Learn more about the Art Department curriculum and staff on their website.