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Unfortunately, Somerville High School will not be able to host the SATs or PSATs this fall in October or November. As you know, all instruction at SHS will be fully remote this fall. That decision was made very carefully and thoughtfully in collaboration with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Infrastructure and Asset Management as part of a comprehensive Covid-19 health and safety plan. While we are unable to host the PSAT in October or the SAT on October 3rd or November 7th, we are reassured by the fact that most colleges are not requiring the SAT for the Class of 2021 and we believe that this cancellation will not stand in the way of your college plans.

What happens next for the SAT?

  • If you signed up for the October or November exam, you should log into your MySAT account on the College Board website to see if you can change your location to another test center. The College Board website might not have SHS listed as a closed center yet but their information is not always up to date. We will not be hosting it.
  • Keep in mind that other test centers might be making similar decisions in the coming weeks. Signing up for a location now does not guarantee you will be able to take it there, unfortunately.
  • Remember that most, if not all, colleges do not require the SAT/ACT as part of their admissions process this year.

What happens next for the PSAT?

  • College Board has recently announced an option to give the PSATs in January. We are exploring whether this will be a safe option for SHS and will let you know as soon as possible.
  • As you know, the PSAT is preparation for the SAT. We encourage the Class of 2022 to prepare for the possibility of taking the SAT in the spring/summer of 2021. It is possible that there will be more testing opportunities at that point. There are practice materials online and we will be in touch with more resources this winter/spring.
  • For the Class of 2023: We hope to be able to offer the PSAT to you next year in your junior year so that you can prepare for the SAT.


College Entrance Testing

Any student who is considering applying to a 4-year school should take the SAT and/or ACT. To sign up for the tests or learn more, go to:



Free sat prep course

Let’s Get Ready begins with the College Access Program, a FREE 9-week program that includes:

  • SAT prep for the May SAT
  • Two 3-hour classes per week
  • Small classes of 5-8 students
  • 1-2 full-length practice SAT exams
  • Assistance with college selection, applications, and financial aid/scholarships
  • College visits

Let’s Get Ready stays with you after this core program, supporting your transition to college and helping you navigate college life through to graduation!

Sign up now!


When should students take the SAT or ACT for the first time?

Students should take the tests (and prepare for them) in their junior year.

What if I can’t pay for the cost of the SAT or ACT?

Somerville High School provides fee waivers for the SAT and ACT for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Students can use two SAT fee waivers, two SAT Subject Test fee waivers, and two ACT fee waivers. See your counselor for a fee waiver or if you have questions.

How should I prepare for the SAT?

SHS provides two different test prep classes outside of school. The first is Let’s Get Ready, a free program provided by Tufts University. Students in LGR learn SAT strategies from current Tufts students. SHS also provides a Kaplan SAT Prep course in the spring to juniors at a significant discount. See your counselor for more information on these two options.

In addition, there are SAT prep courses offered during the school day for students to choose as electives if it fits into their schedule.

Finally, College Board has partnered with Khan Academy - a website that provides free educational support in a variety of subjects. Students can use Khan Academy to get a personalized, interactive study program for free!

What is the PSAT?

Somerville pays for all 10th and 11th graders to take the PSAT, which is important preparation for the SAT. In Advisory, students learn about how to understand their scores and use their PSAT scores to prepare for the SAT.  

How to Understand Your PSAT Scores

Accommodations for the SAT and PSAT: If you or your student think you need accommodations for the SAT or PSAT, please contact your counselor for more information on how to make that request of the College Board.