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The College and Career Readiness (CCR) Curriculum at Somerville High School

The CCR Curriculum at Somerville High School aims to prepare all students for postsecondary success. The goal is for all students to understand the multiple paths they have after high school, allow students to identify the path that is best for them, and prepare students to take the necessary steps to be successful in that path. The curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways.

In the 2020-2021 School Year, the College & Career Team is working to provide a variety of events in our college & career readiness curriculum remotely. This will include the following events and programs for seniors.

Later in the fall/winter, we plan to expand our remote college & career curriculum to younger grades, starting with the Class of 2022.


We are excited to announce a new series of virtual college & career planning events that we hope will provide you with the opportunity to connect with us to get the information and support you need! All events are for 11th grade students and parents/guardians/families. You can plan to attend all or some of the events below. After each presentation, we plan to provide a video of the same information (note: the meetings themselves will not be recorded). The November 19th date is firm. All other dates/times subject to change (with advanced notice) and topics could be added if there is a demand! The Zoom link for all events will be sent out by Melanie Kessler. You can contact her at for more information.

  • Presentation 1: College & Career Planning Overview (November 19th at 7:30pm): Find out how college & career services will work for you and your student at SHS and learn about your options after high school. We will also discuss the PSAT/SAT plan at this meeting. 
  • Presentation 2: Intro to College Basics (two options: December 16th at 12pm OR January 14th at 7:30pm): Learn about four-year colleges and community colleges, the differences between them, the steps and timeline for applying, and how SHS will help.
  • Presentation 3: Career Exploration (February 25th at 7:30pm): Learn how to find out what career or major might be interesting to you. This is for students who want to go to college, students who do not want to go to college, and students who are unsure. We will provide specific information about all of those options.
  • Presentation 4: College Financial Aid (March 30th at 7:30pm): Learn the basics of how college financial aid works and the timeline for applying.
  • Presentation 5: College Admissions Panel (April 27th at 7:30pm): Hear advice from college admissions counselor and ask them questions about the admissions process.

Interpreters will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.
Los intérpretes estarán disponibles en español.
Intérpretes estarão disponíveis em português.
N’ap gen entèprèt disponib an Kreyòl Ayisyen.


College & Career Lessons in Classrooms

Throughout the year, College & Career Team members may visit students’ classrooms. For example, the team will collaborate with senior English classes on writing a college essay and personal statement.

College & Career Study Halls 1-3x per week

This is a way to hold yourself accountable. If you know you have college/career work to do but you are having trouble getting it done on your own time, come to a study hall! Everyone there will also be working independently on their college/career work. Plus there will be a staff member there to help if you have questions. 

College & Career Office Hours

Each team member will hold office hours for students or families to drop in and ask questions. You should try to attend your own College & Career Counselor/Advisor’s office hours but if it doesn’t work for your schedule, you are welcome to join a different team member's session!

Weekly Wednesday Workshops

On Wednesdays, we will hold a workshop. This might be a workshop on a specific topic like teacher recommendations or resumes.

Information Sessions

We will host information sessions with a college admissions representative or a union. 

Special Events

Throughout the year we will host and/or promote college & career readiness events that we think students and families should attend. For example, Post HS Planning Night in September for Seniors or remote NACAC College Fairs.

Individual Meetings with counselors

Every student can expect to meet with their counselor individually every year to discuss college and career plans, in addition to academic and personal/social topics.

In their senior year, students will be assigned to a College & Career Counselor/Advisor who will work with them on their future planning process.

Students can find their College & Career Counselor/Advisor name and contact information below.

Mr. Carbutt Use the Calendly link to set up appointments: (College & Career Advisor for students on Mr. LaBerge’s caseload and students on Mr. Rischall’s caseload with last names Dor-F) 

Ms. Reyes Jusino  Use the Calendly link to set up appointments: (College & Career Advisor for students on Ms. Eden’s caseload and students on Mr. Rischall’s caseload with last names G-Le)

Ms. Banks  Use the Calendly link to set up appointments: (College & Career Counselor for students on Ms. Maguire’s caseload and Ms. Keymont’s caseload)

Grade Level

Topics discussed in individual meetings with counselor:

9th grade

  • Student’s transition to high school
  • Set academic, personal/social, and college/career goals for high school

10th grade

  • Review academics and school involvement
  • Introduce postsecondary options
  • Plan ahead for desired postsecondary path (action steps for this year and action steps for 11th/12th grade)
  • Review PSAT scores
  • Develop a four-year plan for course selection

11th grade

  • Review academic performance and its role in postsecondary options
  • Review school involvement
  • Discuss student’s postsecondary plan and action steps for student
  • Discuss college planning tools (Naviance, College Board), PSAT/SAT/ACT, letters of recommendation, financial aid
  • Discuss steps for students who want to enter directly into a career or the military after high school
  • Student receives Postsecondary Planning Guide

12th grade

  • Review student’s postsecondary plan
  • Individualized postsecondary planning with student. This may include scholarship applications, college essay review, college list planning, recommendations, job applications, steps for enlisting in military, and other topics as necessary