Sophomores visiting Boston College

The College and Career Readiness (CCR) Curriculum at Somerville High School

The CCR Curriculum at Somerville High School aims to prepare all students for post secondary success. The goal is for all students to understand the multiple paths they have after high school, allow students to identify the path that is best for them, and prepare students to take the necessary steps to be successful in that path. The curriculum is delivered in a variety of ways:

Events during School Day

Throughout the year, the School Counseling Department hosts events for students with College and Career Readiness Curriculum. Events for students include Post Secondary Day, College Experience Panel, and a Financial Aid completion event.

Events for Students and Families

The School Counseling Department also hosts College and Career Readiness Events for students and their families, including the Post HS Night and Post Secondary Fair.

Individual Meetings with counselors

Every student can expect to meet with their counselor individually every year to discuss college and career plans, in addition to academic and personal/social topics.


Grade Level

Topics discussed in individual meetings with counselor

9th grade

  • Student’s transition to high school
  • Set academic, personal/social, and college/career goals for high school

10th grade

  • Review academics and school involvement
  • Introduce Post Secondary Options
  • Plan ahead for desired post secondary path (action steps for this year and action steps for 11th/12th grade)
  • Review PSAT scores
  • Develop a four-year plan for course selection

11th grade

  • Review academic performance and its role in post secondary options
  • Review school involvement
  • Discuss student’s post secondary plan and action steps for student,
  • Discuss college planning tools (Naviance, College Board), PSAT/SAT/ACT, Letters of recommendation, Financial Aid
  • Discuss steps for students who want to enter directly into a career or the military after high school.
  • Student receives Post Secondary Planning Guide

12th grade

  • Review student’s post secondary plan
  • Individualized post secondary planning with student. May include scholarship applications, college essay review, college list planning, recommendations, job applications, steps for enlisting in military, and other topics as necessary