College & Career Day 2024

April 6, 2024

9:30am - 12:30pm

Somerville High School

Please complete this interest form about College & Career Day. Filling out the form is not required to attend. It is just to help the College & Career team plan this event. 

The College & Career team has planned a variety of free workshops for students and families in grades 9 through 12.

Click the links to view the flyer in English, Portuguese, Spanish or Haitian Creole

View the detailed schedule of the day in English, Portuguese, Spanish or Haitian Creole

Workshop topics include: 

  • After the Acceptance for Seniors - Congrats! You’ve been accepted. Now what? This workshop will answer your questions about next steps and more. We discuss how to review financial aid packages and enroll in your college or university. Our target audience is seniors and their families who are planning to attend 2-yr or 4-yr colleges.

  • College Process for Spanish speakers - Overview of the college application process, presented in Spanish. Learn about different college degrees, how to apply to college in the US, and how to get help paying for college.

  • College Process for Portuguese speakers - Overview of the college application process, presented in Portuguese. Learn about different college degrees, how to apply to college in the US, and how to get help paying for college.

  • Intro to College & Career Planning at SHS - Join us for an introduction to the college and career planning process at SHS! Find out what to do leading up to your senior year to prepare for college applications and career search processes.

  • College Essay Intro - Join us as we introduce the personal statement and begin brainstorming your college essay.

  • Support Services on College Campuses - Finding post secondary student support is a crucial step for many first-year college students. This session which will be presented by the Somerville Post-Secondary Support Program will feature information about PSSP, institutional support opportunities, and more!

  • College & Career Q&A for Multilingual Speakers - Have questions about the college & career process? Bring them to this session! College admissions folks and SHS staff will be available to answer questions in Spanish & Portuguese. 

  • Paying for College - This workshop will help you understand college financial aid: how it works and what type of aid is available to you. We will also review ways to pay for college. This workshop is run by SHS partner uAspire.

  • Straight to Career - A college degree is not required for all careers.  If you are interested in trade school or going straight to work through apprenticeship or on the job training we will be discussing how to make your way most efficiently and directly into trades.

  • What is the SAT and Do I Need to Take it? - A lot has changed in the last few years with SAT requirements. In this workshop, we will review the latest information about what the SAT is, how to prepare for it, who needs to take it and when! 

  • Community College - Featuring local community college admissions representatives and SHS alumni, this panel will discuss community colleges as a great option for any student and all different pathways.

  • Creating a College List - Creating a college list can be difficult! This session will discuss best practices when creating a balanced and realistic college list. We will cover topics such as finding college match/fit and next steps for list building!

  • College Admissions Panel - In this panel, you will hear from admissions counselors at three different colleges and universities. You'll learn about their schools but also get advice about admissions from the experts! You will have a chance to ask questions.

  • College Planning for LGBTQ students - In this session, we will introduce LGBTQ+ friendly college search resources and discuss supports on campus for LGBTQ+ students.

  • College Planning for Students with Disabilities - If students have an IEP/504 in HS what support can they get in college?

  • College Planning for Students of Color - We will discuss how identity can intersect with the college process and provide information and resources that can help support students as they navigate college planning. This workshop is geared towards students of color and their families.