Career Resources

Some students may decide to pursue a career directly after high school graduation. Your school counselor is here to help you through that process. Be sure you talk to them!

We highly recommend that students enter some sort of job training or educational program to equip them with the skills needed to succeed in their chosen career. Below are some options to consider. Talk to your counselor for more information!

Certificate programs at community colleges

Many community colleges offer certificate programs that prepare students for a specific job. They are often brief and inexpensive (and students can qualify to receive financial aid).

Some local community colleges to consider

Bunker Hill Community College certificate programs

Middlesex Community College certificate programs

Roxbury Community College certificate programs

North Shore Community College certificate programs

Massasoit Community College certificate programs

Career Schools

There are many career schools that provide training for specific jobs/careers. The Department of Professional Licensure oversees these schools. Be sure to research tuition, financial aid, accreditation status, and job placement for any of these schools. Always speak to your counselor before applying to any of these schools to ensure it is a good choice for you. Link to list of schools -