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Out of School Time Programming

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About Out of School Time

Jene Riley, Assistant Director of Out of School Time

Out of School Time (OST) encompasses a range of programming offered to students outside of the traditional school day, including summer, afterschool, and vacation programs. Somerville Public Schools is committed to providing high-quality OST opportunities to all students, both directly through district offerings and in partnership with community organizations.

The goal of our OST initiatives is to ensure equitable access to enrichment, academic support, and engaging activities for students beyond the typical school hours. Some of the key OST programming coordinated by Somerville Public Schools includes:

  •  Summer learning programs to prevent academic slide and offer hands-on, project-based learning
  •  Afterschool programs that provide homework help, extracurricular activities, and social-emotional learning
  • Vacation programming during school breaks to continue student learning and development

Through these varied OST offerings, we aim to complement the classroom experience and give our students ample opportunity to explore their interests, receive additional academic assistance, and participate in community-building initiatives.

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