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Course Selection & Scheduling

SHS Course Selection Information

Course selection typically occurs in February and March of the school year.  Students will complete a course selection worksheet  by carefully reviewing their Program of Studies (POS). Students should understand their graduation requirements and required course prerequisites.

Students should complete their requests by taking into consideration the following factors: discussions with their families, their academic/social needs and interests, graduation requirements, teacher/counselor recommendations and their post secondary plans.  The student’s parent/guardian should review and agree to all course requests. Please see your counselors for more information about this process.

See the following links about our Course Selection Process.

Feb 5th X Block / Class 5 Lesson Plan

2019 - 2020 Program of Studies:
AP Course Selection Letter in Haitian Creole

Student Scheduling Information

Schedules will be available for viewing via Aspen starting Friday, August 16th. Schedules will also be printed and handed out on the 1st day of school. We will have add/drop week from August 19th-23rd. Please call to schedule an appointment with your counselor during this week if you plan to come in to make changes. Schedule changes after the start of the school year will be limited. Please refer to the 2019-2020 SHS Program of Studies for our add/drop protocol. 

SHS Introduction to Course Selection Process Night

Join the 3rd Annual Course Planning Evening

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

SHS Auditorium from 6:00pm-7:00pm.

Watch a PowerPoint Presentation: 8th Grade Course Planning Evening