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Course Selection & Scheduling

Student schedules available in Aspen on Thursday, September 10, 2020.

As happens each year, students may have to choose between classes or be placed in their alternate course selection if a course is not being offered due to low enrollment or because of the increased complexities of scheduling this year. If students were placed into the classes they requested, including alternates, counselors are not allowed to make any changes to these requests unless there is a schedule issue, such as a hole in the schedule, missing IEP or EL classes, a level change or if a graduation requirement is missing. 

Please review the revised Program of Studies, which includes courses not being offered this year.

Also, in order to support and offer flexibility to seniors and juniors, seniors may enroll in 20-35 credits if they are on track to graduate. Juniors may enroll in 30-35 credits. Students who want to enroll in fewer than 35 credits can contact their counselor for a graduation plan review. Parents/Guardians will need to approve this reduced credit load via an email to the school counselor.

If there is an issue as mentioned above with your schedule or you would like to carry a reduced course load, contact your school counselor for assistance.


Links about our Course Selection Process

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