students in summer programming at the Capuano

Diversity in the Somerville Public Schools

Somerville is committed to promoting diversity through awareness, training, communication, knowledge, sensitivity, and celebration.

The Somerville Public Schools is a potpourri of individuals/groups representing more than 50 different languages from around the world. The district is committed to increasing diversity among staff and developing greater multicultural understanding. We believe all students can be successful if given the opportunity to learn and the support they need to learn. This belief drives our commitment to promote:

  • Student success in learning
  • Equity among all staff and students
  • Fairness among all staff and students
  • Expanded inclusionary practices
  • Supportive professional practices, and
  • A celebration of differences.

Find resources and information about equity in Somerville Public Schools on the Department of Equity and Excellence webpage.

Teacher Diversification Professional Learning Community Membership

Somerville Public Schools has been a member of the Teacher Diversification Professional Learning Community (formerly the Diversity Network) since its creation in 2019. The Teacher Diversification Professional Learning Community is a network that supports and enhances school and district understanding of the components needed to develop and implement a comprehensive talent diversification strategy (recruitment, selection, and retention) centered on cultural proficiency. Read the DESE Workforce Diversity Policy.

Translation & Interpretation Services

The Somerville Public Schools offers translation and interpretation services through our Enrollment Office. The district's four primary languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole, and we make every effort to communicate with families in the appropriate target language. To request translation or interpretation services, please contact the Enrollment Office at 617-625-6600 x6962.

Helpful Diversity Resources

Family Diversity Project: A nonprofit organization in Amherst, MA has created four award-winning traveling rental exhibits that tour communities nationwide and internationally. By educating people of all ages to recognize, support, and celebrate the full range of diversity, these traveling exhibits are designed to help reduce prejudice, stereotyping, and harassment of all people who are perceived to be "different" from the "norm."

Massachusetts Partnership for Diversity in Education (MPDE): The MPDE (formerly the Affirmative Action Recruitment Consortium of Eastern Massachusetts) is committed to recruiting and assisting in producing career opportunities for future educators and administrators of color, and forming collaborative relationships that will enhance staff diversity within our school districts.

International Children's Digital Library: This site hosts a collection of online books from around the world for readers ages 3-13 so they can know and appreciate the riches of literature from the global community. The library holds more than 2,600 books in 48 languages. Free registration allows users to select their preferred language, return to the last page they were reading, and save their favorites in a personal "bookshelf."