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Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8

The Healey School focuses on arts integration and with an emphasis on project-based learning.


The Healey School is an innovative participatory learning community. Academic competence is highly valued, and we believe that children learn best in a joyful, creative environment, one in which their natural curiosity, imagination and thinking are encouraged. Our curriculum is based on thematic, project based learning, designed to engage children's interest and best efforts. We are committed to an educational program that recognizes the importance of community in the lives of children. Three aspects of our program are evidence of this commitment:

Creative Arts: Participating in writing, dance, music, theater, film/video and visual art are vital and integral parts of our curriculum. The arts are essential to learning, a way for children to "represent" the world around them and celebrate who they are as individuals and as a community.

Effective Community Service: Inspiring a life-long sense of civic participation, openness, caring and responsibility is an integral part of our school culture. Students apply academic skills and critical thinking as they develop, implement, and evaluate service learning projects at all grade levels.

Family Involvement: Families who join our school community become committed partners in their children's education, both supportive of and supported by our dedicated staff. Parents and students are encouraged to be active participants in the governance of our school.


Excellence “I want to be challenged and helped when I need it, so I can learn and know as much as I can. I want to learn a lot of ways.”

Joy “I want to be able to come in school in the morning looking forward to it and feeling happy. I would like to see myself grow by having fun and learn at the same time.”

Openness “I want to be who I am at school and not be laughed at. I want to feel like I count.”

Creativity “I want my work to show who I am as a unique individual.”

Some of the Learning Opportunities Offered at the Healey School:

  • 1-8 Looping classrooms. Students stay with the same teacher for two years in a classroom with two grades, encouraging collaboration between younger and older students and a strong relationship between teacher and student.
  • ​5-6 Nature's Classroom trip. Week long camping trip used for team-building and for deeper understanding of science concepts.
  • K-8 Monthly lunchtime concerts in the cafeteria with local professional musicians and bands.   

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School report card

The Healey School regularly reports demographic and student progress data to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). This data is used to develop the annual No Child Left Behind progress report card for the Healey School.  The 2018 school report card for the Healey School is available on the DESE website.

Middle Grades Athletics

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School Administration

Arthur D. Healey School (PK-8)
Principal Mary Ellen Carideo-Cobbs
5 Meacham Street
Somerville, MA 02145
To report that your student will be absent, call 617-629-5421
617-629-5420 (if calling from an internal number, dial ext. 6500)
School Hours
8:10am - 2:35pm
Grades PreK-8 (BOKS Program 7-7:45am W & Th)
8:45am - 1:45pm
SMILE Pre-School
8:15am - 5:30pm
Healey Head Start: 8:15-8:45 breakfast/entry; 1:40-5:30 afterschool
Free school breakfast served every morning at 7:30 AM