Online Resources for Learning English is divided into topics: health, work, and family. Also has a section on holding and using the mouse. Great activities for students beginning to build vocabulary. provides step-by-step activities to practice English at three different levels. offers a wide selection of student projects and writings. is a practice site for Spanish speakers who are learning English. has links to hundreds of ELL websites for grammar, vocabulary, verb tense, and listening practice at all levels. login as user = scale, password = scale. Interactive picture and audio activities for counting money, using an ATM, looking at a prescription, and many other everyday activities. has lists of characters, synopses, and vocabulary for use with many classic and contemporary films.
Run On Sentences
Subject-Verb Agreement Problems
Period or Comma? has hundreds of lessons for speaking (including common phrases for conversation and role play), grammar, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, reading, and writing. Most lessons include audio. Hundreds of quizzes, links to other ESOL websites, and textbook recommendations. is an activity for the lab or at home. Select characters, speech, or thought balloons and create a comic strip to print and/or email to a friend. features recorded conversations with examples of slang, idioms, and reduced speech ("Wuhdyuh mean?"). includes short interviews with English speakers from a variety of countries; choose to see or not see the text of conversations. Listen to songs with each line shown on screen. Listening comprehension quizzes, photos, and transcripts for each conversation. has many links with interactive readings. In academic member login, type "scale" as the password. Up to 50 students can be logged in as "scale" at any time.

Citizenship: Try questions from the U.S. citizenship test has vocabulary practice in English and many other languages with pictures and audio.

Read selection from local news:

English at three levels for Spanish speakers, with exercises for vocabulary, grammar, and more.

Self-study quizzes for ESL students:

Dave's ESOL Café:

Cyber Listening Lab has listening activities and accent reduction practice.

The English Phrase Finder is a catalog of the meanings and origins of over 2,000 phrases and sayings. Browse via A–Z index or their search engine. For anyone studying how different English phrases originated:

The Earth Calendar site is a resource for world holidays and calendars:

This ESL website includes an Encarta dictionary to hear pronunciations:

Grammar review quizzes and 15 English-foreign language dictionaries (including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic):

English listening and speaking, grammar and writing, plus a resource page:

BBC-sponsored site with interactive quizzes, articles with interactive vocabulary exercises, news stories, and grammar tips:


English Pronunciation Sites has a word of the day with its definition and audio to hear the word pronounced. includes short recorded speeches, each with two transcripts - one with formal written English, the other that highlights where speakers use more natural-sounding English. has pronunciation exercises with matching and multiple choice. has audio examples of pronunciation and English sounds.