Play the Family Talk Game!

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Download our Family Talk Game in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Haitian Creole! With questions specially designed by SFLC staff to engage kids in the art of conversation, you can start a lively discussion with your children any time and any place. Take turns drawing from the deck of conversation cards and ask each other questions.


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Read the District Blog post to get a richer understanding about why talk is so important for our students.


Talking to Your Baby

Babies and Moms interacting

Informational Postcard: English,  Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole

  • Talk about everything! What you and your baby are doing, seeing, feeling, touching and smelling.
  • Talk about and name your baby's feelings
  • Respond to your baby's gestures, looks, sounds and first words. Respond to their non-verbal communication.
  • Talk to your baby in your home language.


Talking to Children during Early Childhood

Toddler and Mom joking together

Informational Postcard: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole

  • Use new words and use them often
  • Name your child's feelings
  • Encourage thinking with language. Ask your child why they think something happened. Ask your child how they did something. Ask what they think will happen next
  • Look at books together and talk about them.
  • Talk together in your home language


Talking to your School-aged children

Dad and son talking

Informational Postcard: EnglishSpanishPortugueseHaitian Creole

  • Ask your child what they know and what they are learning.
  • Talk about making choices, using open-ended questions.
  • Discuss with your child what they are reading.
  • Put down your cellphone and give your child some one-on-one conversation time.


Talking to your Teenagers - coming soon

Teen and Grandmother talking