Update on Planning Efforts and Discussion

How to participate:        

Watch: All meetings will be livestreamed. View them live on:

City Cable TV and the Educational Channel (Channels 13 & 15 on RCN, Channels 15 & 22 on Comcast)
City YouTube: youtube.com/SomervilleCityTV
Via the City Website: www.somervillema.gov/TV (Select “Watch Live Stream”)

Join Town Halls online or by phone:

Town Halls are hosted on the Zoom teleconferencing platform and there will also be an option to call into the meeting from a phone.
Visit www.somervillema.gov/virtualtownhall at the start time of the meeting you would like to attend to join live or get call-in information.
The Somerville Public Schools will also send meeting information via their alert system to all student families and conduct additional multilingual outreach via the School’s Somerville Family Learning Collaborative.

Call-in information will also be available on the day of each meeting on City Cable TV and the Educational Channel (channels 13 & 15 on RCN, channels 15 & 22 on Comcast) or by calling 311.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 5:00pm to 6:25pm
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