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Learn about Digital Wellness

What exactly is digital wellness?

Digital Wellness Day is a chance to take a more intentional approach to your digital media consumption by stepping back from it and focusing more on the people and the world around you.

How do we practice digital wellness?

There are many ways to approach digital wellness. Follow through this week of activities and read the resources to learn how to create balance for your family by setting up a media plan and establishing structure around media use on Tuesday. On Wednesday, look into how to keep your child safe online and how you can support internet safety. Thursday is a time to reflect on how device use affects mental health. And Friday is a chance to celebrate with your family or friends by enjoying some one-on-one time through a shared activity. Use this week as a first step toward digital wellness for your family and please come back and visit this week any time you feel your family needs a digital reboot.

Take a look at the Boston Children’s Hospital Digital Wellness Lab website, where you can find the latest science-based resources to help you care for children, ages 0-25. Quickly find what you need to know about a child’s developmental stage, a specific type of technology, or how media can affect health and well-being.


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The Digital Wellness Day Celebration and Digital Wellness week of activities and learning are brought to you by the City of Somerville Health and Human Services Department and Somerville Public Schools.

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