Kennedy School Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club Publishes Its First Edition at Kennedy

The Kennedy School Newspaper Club published its inaugural issue of The Kennedy Chronicle, with over 400 printed copies in circulation, thanks to the hard work of students and generous contributions from local businesses. Read the online version here. Each student in grades 2 to 8 received a copy of the tabloid-sized, 8-page newspaper, and the remaining copies were distributed to younger grade levels, advertisers, sponsors, and staff members. A box of copies is also kept in the school's front lobby so that students can leave a copy for someone else to read.

Kennedy students reading Kennedy Chronicle

Members of the Kennedy School Newspaper Club, a group of 6-8th graders who meet after school once a week, chose topics and wrote the articles. The first edition's articles include a salty editorial about cell phone restrictions for middle grade students, a reader poll about Somerville’s favorite pizza, and a think piece about post-pandemic life. It also includes restaurant, book, and technology reviews, recipes, puzzles, and sports journalism about the annual Turkey Bowl touch football game between 7th and 8th grade students. 

Money raised for printing came from local businesses who chose to purchase advertising spots or serve as sponsors. Newspaper Club members were in charge of advertising sales, as well as soliciting donations. Equipped with their official Newspaper Club badges and detailed sales brochures, groups of club members set out into the community to deliver their well-rehearsed pitches. The enthusiastic middle schoolers were able to secure the financial support of 13 businesses from in and around Somerville. 

Kennedy 4th grade English language arts teacher, Caroline Hanly, advises the newspaper club alongside parent volunteer Kristen Cox, whose daughter is a member of the club.

“We're so proud of all the hard work the students put into developing their articles and raising money to print the first edition of our newspaper. We also couldn't be more grateful for the support we've received from the Kennedy and SPS community. We hope to print two more editions of The Kennedy Chronicle by the end of the school year. Any local businesses or community members interested in advertising or sponsoring our paper can certainly reach out to me!” says Advisor Caroline Hanly.

Kennedy students reading Kennedy Chronicle


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