Capuano Students in Magical Forest 2023
One March morning, the sound of birdsong and musical flutes filled the Capuano School cafetorium. Ms. Snikeris’s Squirrel Class preschool performers waited patiently for the audience to settle and the lights to dim. 

“Welcome!” said Ms. Snikeris to the assembled students, educators, and parents. Then the performance of “The Magical Forest” began.

The students wrote, workshopped, and prepared “The Magical Forest” collaboratively with prompts and scaffolding assistance from Ms. Snikeris. Students were involved in every aspect of the show. Besides creating the story together, they painted the sets, chose the props and costumes, and rehearsed for two months before the performances for other Capuano students and educators.

In the story, the magical forest contains different creatures, people, and animals. Its trees grow different types of fruit all on the same tree. There is a talking broccoli tree, and another one that grows toys on its branches. One day, the blue and red crystals that fed all of the forest plants go missing. And so the quest to find them begins, with searches under the stars and sea, and around the snow.

As the students were writing the play, themes of kindness and teamwork emerged. For example, for the crystals to be found, all of the creatures and the audience needed to search together. The crystals are found. To celebrate, the audience was invited to sing and dance together with the Squirrel Class performers to the songs “Pop See Ko,” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” The themes of teamwork extended to Ms. Snikeris’s colleagues. Ms. Snikeris sent the text of “The Magic Forest” to all Capuano classrooms, so educators and students would know in advance what to expect before watching the performance. The Capuano Early Childhood Center and several PK-8 schools across the district house public prekindergarten classrooms. Learn more about Early Education in Somerville Public Schools at the Early Education website.

At the end of the performance, the Squirrel Class performers waited for the audience to leave the cafetorium. Ms. Snikeris and the Squirrel Class performers then lined up and headed back to their classroom. They were happy and tired from dancing, and it was time for a snack.

---Abby Luthin, Grants and Communications Specialist


The Magical Forest

Once upon a time, there was a magical forest. In the forest there lived creatures and people and animals. They were called characters. Kindness and helping made the magic grow.

The trees grew fruit, all different kinds. One tree grew toys on its branches. One tree was a talking broccoli tree. And I saw a candy tree with lollipops for characters to eat when they’re hungry.

The snow came from the sun and made a talking snowman. He would say, “Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day,” and he makes snow too.

We need the crystals to feed the plants on Earth!

One day, all the blue and red crystals were lost! No one knew that the two unicorns took all the crystals. They put them in a safe place to protect them from bad guys. Then they went to hibernate.

The characters decided to help find the crystals by splitting up to find the crystals. The crystals need to be shared. We can protect them together. But first they need to find them.

The characters will look under the stars, under the sea, around the snow, and even ask superheroes to look for crystals. But not until they come together as POP SEE KO and use teamwork will they find the crystals and save magic.

Working together, they will save the day! And the magic! Then it will be time to celebrate! We will all dance a celebration song!


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