Class of 2021 Yearbook

Advisors: Maria Konstantopoulos and Karen Leary

Class of 2021 Yearbook

The Radiator is the annual Somerville High School yearbook. Have questions?
Email the Yearbook Advisors Maria Konstantopoulos at or Karen Leary at


Purchase a Yearbook

Purchase your yearbook Online through Jostens or purchase one in-person by check or cash. You can also send cash or check (check can be paid out to SHS Yearbook Club) to the high school and address it to either Karen Leary or Maria Konstantopoulos. We highly recommend your purchase one online however as we are not in the building every day to chech our mail.

See Class of 2021 Yearbook Pricing below: 
September 2021 $50
October 2021 $55
November 2021 $60
December 2021 $65
January  2021 $70
February 2021 $75


Advertisements and Messages

Attention Parents and Guardians

Do you want to recogninze your student? Take out a Parent / Guardian recognition ad and put a personal message in your student's yearbook. Fill out the 2021 Parent Message Form and return with a check payable to SHS Yearbook.


Business Advertisements

Fill out the 2021 Business Ad Form and return with a check. There is also a 2021 Business Advertisment Letter to show credibility. Make sure to put your name on the top of the Ad Form to get your discount.


Your Photos

SENIOR PHOTOS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 25th, 2020. Photos MUST be taken with a professional photographer. Senior portraits and baby photos need to be sent to Maria Konstantopoulos. The email to reach her is and be sure to submit last name, first name, on subject line.   

Senior Portraits

Geskus Photography is the official photographer of the Somerville High School Yearbook. To guarantee placement in the yearbook, use our official photgraphers, Geskus Photography.

If using another photographer, you must adhere to certain guidelines for quality and overall appearance. The resolution of your image must be 300 DPI, MUST be taken on a digital camera and the file size should be at least 1MB, and you must email it to Ms.. Konstantopoulos. Emails will NOT be accepted AFTER November 25th! 

Baby Photos

Want to remember what you looked like when you were young? Want to compare it to what you look like now? Do you want everyone to see just how cute you were? Then send your baby pictures to Ms. Konstantopoulos by email at Just remember to include your ENTIRE name on the subject line.

Yearbook Staff

The Yearbook Staff creates the Somerville High School Yearbook, including graphic design and page layout, fund raising, organization of photography, and selling of senior clothing. The staff usually meets once a week and dates are set based on the availability of members. 

2021 Yearbook Editors (This club is growing, to be a part of it contact Ms. Konstantopoulos or Ms. Leary ASAP)