Subcommittee Chair: Carlos Contreras

Next Subcommittee Meeting: TBD @ Somerville High School

Subcommittee Work:

Personalizing the learning experience for every student to match their interests and needs.

► All students should have an advisor for the duration of their high school experience, with teachers, staff, and administrators all assuming advisor roles. The role of the advisor will be to guide a group of 12-15 students from high school entry to graduation, through consultation, developing a learning plan, targeting need for services, college and career planning, and ensuring the student is on track to graduate on time. Adopting this role will take significant building capacity of advisors-to-be.

► All students should have personalized learning plans that match their learning interests and needs to a pathway that helps them attain all graduation requirements. Learning plans would be constructed with support and approval from a student's advisor. It is assumed that learning plans may be revised over the course of a student's high school career, sometimes multiple times, as students gain greater clarity about their passions and interests.