2019-2020 Club List

A Cappella Club

Advisor: Beverly Mosby
Wednesday and Friday mornings, room 232
Do you like Penatonix? Do you enjoy singing without instrumental accompaniment? Audition with us, Somerville High School’s own A Cappella Group, and share the joy of music.

Anime Club

Advisor: Eric Semple
Mondays after school, room 209
The Anime Club is for all students who enjoy watching and discussing one of the greatest genres of entertainment known to humankind (seriously, there's something for everyone). Regardless of whether you already like anime or have never heard of it, come join your fellow classmates as they share their favorite titles and discover new shows.


Art Club

Advisor: Jessica Howard
Mondays, room 321
The Art Club is open to all students who love the Arts, wish to create art after school and participate in a special kind of learning experience. Art Club members will have the opportunities to attend in-school guest lectures, explore new art media, expand their art portfolio, and participate in the art-making process for art competitions throughout the year. 

Asian Cultural Experience (ACE)

Advisor: Sol Rheem
In Asian Cultural Experience (ACE), we explore the varied, intersecting experiences of being Asian. We eat food from our homes, share stories, ask questions, and discuss themes about identity, home, race, solidarity, family, gender. We also watch popular movies from different Asian countries. Also, plans are in the works to visit and taste different Asian flavors around Somerville. 

Astronomy Club

Advisor: Roni Teich
Tuesdays, room 320
In Astronomy Club, students will do activities about everything from stars being born, to supernova explosions and black holes, to the possibility of alien life, to humans discovering, exploring, and possibly colonizing other parts of our galaxy. We'll also watch movies about space (like Interstellar or The Martian, and we'll learn about the sun, moon, and planets in our solar system by looking through a telescope at some of the observatories in the Boston area.


Students interested in learning to play a wind instrument (saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute or tuba) and perform with the high school band are encouraged to come to the band room across from the library (room 270). Learning to play an instrument is a great way to meet people who are similar and enjoy performing music together. Instrument and lessons are provided free of charge. Wow!

Best Buddies

Advisor: Rita Cote 
Our SHS chapter is a member of Best Buddies International. The Best Buddies Chapter at SHS pairs students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in one-to-one friendships with high school students. Best Buddies also offers students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills. With the support of school faculty and Best Buddies staff, students lead and direct the Best Buddies Chapter at SHS. Activities include apple-picking, baking, holiday celebrations, museum visits, Friendship Field Day, a Celtics game, a dinner banquet, and more!


Black Student Union

Advisor: Leila Wooten
Mondays, room 109
The Black Student Union is a group of students who gather every once a week to discuss the injustices the Black community faces. We look at films, books, news, media, and school situations where students of color are treated unfairly. During Black History month, The Black Student Union host an assembly where members are given a platform to create pieces to share with the school. In the past, we have partnered with the Equity club to present the Matter Series and the professional developments. 

Book Club

Advisors: Lisa Brewster 
Dates vary, room 239

Do you like to read just for fun? Would you like to read books, short stories, and poetry without having to think about quizzes or essays? If so, the Book Club is the place for you. The meetings will give you the opportunity to think about, discuss, and exchange ideas about literature with your friends.

Broadcast Club

Tuesdays, room 314

This club will take on the challenge of filming, editing, and producing timely and amazing video recaps of as many of the awesome concerts, assemblies, fairs, and other events taking place here at SHS as possible.


Chess Club

Advisors: Michael Morgan
Players of all levels from grand masters to novices are invited and welcomed. Come and hone your game or learn how to play: play a little or play a lot. The club also explores other games of strategy and skill from time to time as interest and curiosity dictate. Due, to the nature of some games of skill the diehard players often stay late but usually we end around five PM. It’s your move.


Chorus Club 

Advisor: Beverly Mosby
Tuesday and Thursday mornings, room 232
If you are an Orchestra or Band student who loves to sing, then sign up for the Chorus Club. Members will learn some of the same music as the class and perform with the chorus. Club members also travel with the chorus to festivals and competitions. In past years, the chorus and club members have participated in competitions in Washington, DC, Nashville, TN., and Orlando, FL. We go to Philadelphia this school year.


Class Advisory

Meetings vary for each class. Please listen to announcements. These groups plan events for their respective classes such as semi-formals, proms, and more.

Class of 2022 Advisor: Maria Konstantopolous
Class of 2021 Advisor: Theresa Dietrich
Class of 2020 Advisor: Leila Wooten
Class of 2029 Advisor:  Veronica Rowlinson 


Coding Club

Fridays, room 114
Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps, video games, robots, and websites. Your web browser, your operating system, the apps on your phone, Facebook – they’re all made with code. The new Coding Club is a great way to explore all things programming -- learn common programming language, improve your programming skills, create your own apps, and more. The club will be project-based and student-driven. Learning coding empowers you to do many things you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do; come help get this new club started!


Community Service Club

Advisor: Kara Carpenter 
Thursdays, room M17
The Community Service Club hopes to improve the school, community, and state in which we live through positive interaction with the people and environment around us. Whether you want to get some experience working in a field you're interested in, want ideas of how you can be helpful to the community, or just need something to do after school with your friends - the community service club is for you!  Whether you are a leader or a follower, have lots of free time or almost none at all, love working indoors or outside, we can help you find meaningful community service opportunities! 


Dance Team

Advisor: Maria LaRossa
Mondays and Thursdays, Cowboy Cafe
Somerville High School's Dance Team is comprised of a group of students who have a passion for dance. Auditions for the Dance Team will occur twice a year to form a Fall Dance Team and a Winter Dance Team. Dancers are encouraged to remain team members for both seasons. During the spring session, the dancers will be afforded the opportunity to participate in additional dance events. Students of diverse backgrounds and experience are encouraged to audition. Rehearsals will be held twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays with the possibility of adding rehearsals two weeks prior to a performance. The Dance Team will perform at select football and basketball halftime shows, school concerts, pep rallies, and community events. Dance Team members will be asked to join the National Honor Society for Dance Arts. Follow the dance program on Instagram @somervillehighdance

Debate Team

Thursdays, room 329
The Somerville High School Debate Team is an exciting new club that lets students make their voices heard. Members will train in Public Forum Debate and compete at tournaments against students from across the state, country, and even around the world. This club is a great way to practice public speaking, develop language skills and vocabulary, and learn about current events, all with the help of a supportive team. Plus, you'll never lose another argument again!



Advisor: Deb Allen
Mondays, room 200
DECA is a national organization of marketing students. Any student previously or currently enrolled in marketing education, accounting, personal finance, or business law can join. DECA students compete at district, state, and national levels. These students also operate the school store and have fundraisers throughout the year.

Documentary Club

Advisor: Sarah Masterson 
Mondays, room 412
Do you love watching documentaries? Do also love giving back to the community? Join documentary club where we watch and discuss documentaries and take what we have learned about in the documentaries and find a way to give back to the community! All while eating popcorn!

Drum Line (World Percussion)

Drumline is an ensemble of marching percussion instruments. We meet every Monday from 2:45-4pm. The Drumline plays in conjunction with the band as well as by itself in drum features called cadences. Drum Line is a great way to increase your rhythm and meet new friends.

Equity Club

Advisor: Amber Jackson
See Ms. Jackson in room 109 if interested and for meeting times. 
The Cultural Proficiency Student Advisory Board will advise and work with staff on the Cultural Proficiency Committee, which is dedicated to helping everyone in our diverse community thrive. Students in this club will help promote cultural proficiency among staff AND students. Activities might include: making PSA's, participating in faculty professional development, holding events, hosting forums around different topics, or inviting guest speakers. The club will meet after school every other Wednesday.

First Robotics

Mondays, room 430
FIRST™, an acronym for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,” is an international robotics competition that brings together teams of high school students to design, build, program, and test a robot that will compete in a team sport event. Students receive a hands-on, minds-on experience working with real engineers to learn and develop many new skills: not only engineering and design skills, but also leadership, business, public speaking, coaching, and communication skills.


French Club

Advisor: Naima Sait
Thursdays, room 132A
The French Club promotes interest in learning about the cultures of francophone countries. We celebrate many customs and traditions of the French-speaking world. Activities include films, games, cooking demonstrations, outings to restaurants, and more!

Gay/Straight and Gender/Sexuality Awareness Alliance (GSA)

Advisor: Julia Post and Jeremy Vallesio
Tuesdays, room M02
This is a group whose goals are to stop hatred, increase respect for diversity, and educate other students and the community about LGBTQ+ issues. Sometimes we use glitter! We aren’t just about being gay; we are about meeting new people and making friends. We have interesting discussions, watch movies, play games, eat snacks, and more!  All are welcome.

The Giving Tree Club

Advisor: Adda Santos 
Mondays, room M13
Meets on Mondays after school. The Giving Tree Club is a club dedicated to helping people feel better when they are going through difficult times. We will work on collecting money and donations for families in Somerville and beyond during times of need or crisis. In addition, we plan on working on other efforts to share good thoughts and wishes by writing letters and cards to those going


Green Club

Advisor: Kat Dutton
Interested in making the school, community, and world a more environmentally-friendly place? Want to learn about gardening and recycling? The Somerville High Green Club is a group focused on making Somerville High and the community a more environmentally friendly place through education and action. At our meetings, we participate in activities to educate ourselves about environmental problems as well as planning events and programs to educate others and make change. Our club has also brought cafeteria recycling to the high school and will be focusing on getting 100% recycling at every lunch. We have a garden in the front of the school where we grow vegetables and herbs. Come join our fun and successful group!!


Haitian Club

Advisor: Bedel Pierre
Wednesdays, room M09
This club provides an opportunity for Haitian students and/or those interested in Haitian culture to meet, share ideas, and celebrate Haitian culture.

Highlander Theatre Company (Formerly Drama Club and The Musical)

Advisor: Charles Jabour 

The Highlander Theatre Company (HTC) is the resident theatre company at Somerville High School. HTC presents two productions per year: a musical in February, and a touring festival play in March. Our members are involved with all aspects of production, from selecting the plays, to designing sets, costumes, and sound, to performing and directing, so there is something for everyone, no matter how comfortable you feel onstage! Whether you audition for a production, join us for a trip to see live theatre, or come on Thursdays to play improv games and laugh off the pressures of school, you will always find a welcoming and supportive community as a part of the Highlander Theatre Company.


Italian Club

Thursdays, room 132C
The objective of The Italian Club will be to deepen our students’ knowledge in various fields of the Italian culture such as cinema, literature, cuisine, music, and art. It will also give an opportunity to students not taking Italian to become aquatinted with the Italian language.


Karate Club

Advisor: Eric Semple 
Tuesdays, Cowboy Cafe
Here, students can learn traditional Shotokan Karate from certified instructors in the North American Collegiate Karate Conference (NACKC), an organization with karate clubs in numerous universities in the area. Practices focus on basic techniques, advanced forms (known as kata), and sparring, though members may focus on any area they prefer. Competition in local tournaments (both by the NACKC and other organizations) is also available and encouraged. People of all abilities welcome.

Literary Magazine and Creative Writing Club

The Literature and Art Magazine needs students to submit creative pieces (stories, art, poetry, photography, etc). These submissions can be emailed to Ms. Dietrich at any time or dropped off in room M04. We can print with or without your name, so don't be shy! Also, the club needs students to help select, edit, format, and distribute the magazine. We meet regularly to go through submissions, edit, vote and layout the look of the magazine.


Local History Club

Advisor: Adda Santos
Tuesdays, room M13
The Local History Club is dedicated to celebrating the rich history of Somerville. The club will be for students who want to learn more about Somerville's history through re-enactments and who will participate in city wide activities such as marching in the Memorial Day Parade, being part of Patriots Day, Ghosts of Somerville, etc. As re-enactors, students could pick a person whose life story is associated with Somerville and they would use that background to reenact and dress up like that character, learning more about that historical period. It is a great and creative way to participate in helping Somerville’s community events become more festive and creative.

Math Club

This club provides an opportunity for students of all abilities to solve challenging problems (at their level) in a fun and competitive atmosphere while making friends and participating in team-building activities. The math club also hosts four meets for elementary school students in which club members run the meet, award points, and announce the winners. The club meets once a month in room 412 to explore interesting topics not usually seen in a math class.

National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA)

Advisor: Maria LaRossa
The mission of the NHSDA program is to recognize outstanding artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement in students involved in dance arts. SHS's Chapter will foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige. Members of NHSDA will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the arts (e.g., involvement in dance productions, student choreography, community outreach, dance essay publications). Students can earn NHSDA induction points by participating in dance classes, performances, volunteer opportunities, and leadership roles. Meetings will be held twice a month which will be scheduled at the start of the school year. The program is open to any student at Somerville High School. Students interested in applying to college and for scholarships are strongly encouraged to become involved. Follow the dance program on Instagram @somervillehighdance or contact mlarossa@k12.somerville.ma.us for more information. 

Non-Traditional Careers Club

Advisor: Mario Sousa
1st and 3rd Thursdays, Edgerly, room 201
Meets every other Thursday from  3:00 -4:00 at Edgerly. Walking into a non-traditional field – either a classroom or a workplace that is mostly male – can be daunting for females. With support from teachers and other non-traditional students, females can gain confidence to be challenged, have fun, network with other students, and learn the rewards that come with being in a non-traditional field! Come roll up your sleeves and have fun doing hands on activities to build skills, confidence, and leadership!

Nutrition Club

Advisor: Liz Kramer
Eating healthy is an important part of your health. Sometimes it is hard to know what is in the food you are eating. You will understand key tips on recognizing and understanding the nutrition information found in food labels. Use this information to help decide what choices to make when preparing a wholesome meal. Within the culinary arts program we will understand all concepts of healthy eating and make healthy meals.

Outdoor Activities Club

Whether you prefer a quiet walk in the woods, or want to try something more adventurous like skiing or rock climbing, the Outdoor Activities Group provides students with a wide range of recreational and outdoor activities at some of New England’s finest venues. It is a chance to hang out with friends and try new things in a safe and healthy environment.


School Newspaper / The Piper

Mondays, room 239
Have you ever thought of having your own column in a newspaper? Do you enjoy attending school events and writing about them and/or taking pictures? Any interest in writing editorials or drawing cartoons? Even if you don’t take journalism as a class, you can still be a part of the school newspaper. Students are responsible for publication of The Piper. We need writers, editors, and photographers. Come be part of the fun!


Science Fair Club

Advisor: Roni Teich
Fridays from October 11 - February 7, room 320
The goals of this club are to provide students who wish to participate in the science fair but are not in a class that mandates it or provides class time for it, to do so. Also, we would like to give students structured support in the creation and implementation of science fair projects.  Teachers will provide students with guidelines, graphic organizers, deadlines, rubrics, and more to ensure that students are well-prepared.   


Science League

Advisor: Mike Maloney
Tuesdays, room 435 (Second Tuesdays are competitions; others are meetings.) 
This group competes against about 30 North Shore schools, ranging from Cambridge to some from the state of Maine. There are lab events, building events, surprise building events, and paper and pen events. For more information, please visit http://northshorescienceleague.org.


Somerville Positive Forces 100 (SPF100)

Every Thursday from 3:30 - 5:30pm, plus 2-4 hours per month for events/ projects.
Advisor: Lovelee Heller, SCAP Program Director or call 617-625-6600 x4322. 

Location: 50 Evergreen Ave (This is a community-based youth group)
Youth Leading Positive Change *** Apply Today!  SPF100 empowers teens to lead positive social change in the community through exciting campaigns, videos and events. We meet every Thursday from 3:30pm – 5:30pm, plus 2-4 hours per month for project planning and events. We are looking for energetic youth leaders to serve as drug and alcohol-free positive role models and work as part of a team to address issues impacting teens including drug/alcohol use and related problems like depression and bullying. Youth leaders get 60 volunteer hours and up to $600 for full participation. Pick up an application at the SHS Club Fair or the Teen Room at the Main Public Library. This is a community-based youth group supported by Somerville Cares About Prevention (SCAP). 

Spanish Club

Advisor: David Piper
Thursdays, room 335 once or twice a month
Open to all students 9-12 (member does not have to be of Hispanic descent or be taking Spanish in school). It is a student- centered club that celebrates Hispanic heritage and culture and promotes interest of the Spanish language. It also provides students with hands-on opportunities to explore and enjoy Spanish language and culture. Activities such as Spanish films, authentic food, music, dance, art, and history will allow students a chance to connect in a diverse and casual environment. Class code on Google Classroom: 5buwf8k


Student Leadership Council

Student Council is a student-led group that involves its members in meaningful decision-making and action in and around the school. This representative body, whose leaders are chosen by their classmates, also organizes activities such as the rally and student government day. It is also responsible for holding all elections that take place during the school year, and it advises school administration on important matters affecting students.


Table-Top Games Club

Advisor: Mike Maloney
This Club meets on most Mondays (and other random days) after school. Students enhance their critical thinking by playing a variety of table-top games that include classic games as well as newer independent games, storytelling games, and strategy games. All levels of players are welcome.


Trivia Team

Advisor: Ted Blake

This club is a mix of laid-back games and serious competition, including friendly games of Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Bananagrams, Boggle, and Apples to Apples. We also compete against other schools in events such as WGBH High School Quiz Show, the Knowledge Master Open and WorldBoston’s Academic WorldQuest. Last year, we finished second in the North Shore College Bowl, a monthly trivia competition against other high schools. Whether you want match wits with the sharpest students in Massachusetts or if you just want to come play a friendly game, the Trivia Club is the choice for you.


Ultimate Frisbee

Boys’ Coach: Carlos Contreras and Ted Blake

Girls’ Coach: Beth O’Connor
In the fall, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 at Nunziato Field

Also known as Villen Ultimate, this team plays the exciting, fast, and fun sport of Ultimate Frisbee in the fall and in the spring. New players are very welcome and no experience is necessary; the fall season is devoted to teaching skills and the sport, especially to new players. In the spring, the team competes against other schools and in weekend tournaments.

Video Game Club

Advisor: Eric Semple 
Fridays, room 110

The Video Game Club is exactly what it sounds like: we play video games in school. What more could you want? Join us on Fridays and unwind before the weekend with a blend of co-op and versus games in numerous genres, on consoles, PC, and mobile. New members, and new consoles, are always welcome.



Mondays, room 105

The Yearbook staff is responsible for creating the Somerville High School Yearbook every year. This includes graphic design of pages, fundraising, organization of photography, sales of senior clothing, and creation of a multi-media DVD that is shipped as a summer supplement.