ESCS Remote Learning and Resources: 2020-2021

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Teacher Schedules

The Principal's Virtual Office 

Principal's Weekly Message - Weekly Message (4/12/2021)

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Kindergarten  (Schedules)

Nicole NavarroDiana Quintanilla, & Helen Schroeder

Paraprofessionals (ELL): Sonia BarahonaJessica Lopez, & Eva Mancio Poindujour

Grade 1 (Schedules)

Marco BradshawDenise LaveyAileene Martinez-Garced, & Amelia Whitaker

Paraprofessionals (ELL): Sara Ali, Felicita Bonilla, Crystal Legaski, & Margarita Lopez

Grade 2 (Schedules: Standard & Unidos)

Ghali Armira, Caroline HammondNora Jamilkowski, & Jessica Pires

Grade 3 (Schedules: Standard & Unidos)

Reid CarganPatrice Hobbs, Theresa Nickerson, & Nancy Uribe

Grade 4 (Schedules)

Jillian Ceballos, Amanda Fleites-Alfonso, Susan Fothergill, & Emma Mrozicki,

Grade 5 (Schedules)

Jose Cantillo (ELA, SLA, Social Studies), Jenna Dinovis (Math, Science), Karina Johanson (ELA, Social Studies), &  Naina Sood (Math, Science)

Grade 6 (Schedules)

Julie Allen (ELA), Caroline Burkard (Math), Agustin Romero (Social Studies, Science), Kirsten Spence (SPED: Grades 5 & 6), & Rae Woodcock (Science)

Grades 7 & 8 (Schedules)

Teresa Delgado (Science), Roy Gardner (ELA), Valquiria Gouvea (Social Studies), Catherine Howland (Math), Julie Hughes (Social Studies), Kara Kivi (SPED: Grade 8), Jessica MacMartin (ELA), Alzimara Oliveira (Spanish),  Scott Weaver (Math), & Trevor Wrankmore (Science)

Library (Schedules)

Deirdre Bennett (Grades K, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8) & Anderson Boone (Grades 1, 2, & 4)

Art (Schedules)

Emily Alcott (Grades K, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8) & Shannon Rogers (Grades 1, 2, & 4)

Music (Schedules)

Vanessa Buttolph (Strings)Amelia Hollander-Ames (Orchestra), Adam McLean (Grades K, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8), Marisa Giangregorio (Grades 1, 2, & 4), & Rosemary Sears (Band)

Physical Education (Schedules)

Corinne Genova (Grades 1, 2, & 4) & Matt Young (Grades K, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8) 

Spanish (Oliveira & Santiago-Acevedo)

Alzimara Oliveira & Diana Santiago-Acevedo

Counselors (Counselors' Corner)

Deana Attolino (Adjustment Counselor), Carlie Calioro (Counselor Educator - Grades K to 4), Rebekah Prescott (Counselor Educator- Grades 5 to 8), & Gabby Scimemi (Adjustment Counselor)

ESL Specialists

Meghan Kimmel (Grades K & 1st), Kathleen Raywood (Grades 6th, 7th, & 8th), Liliana Skero (Grades 4th & 5th), & Ana Zafiropoulo (Grades 2nd & 3rd)


Nydia Woods

Reading Teachers

Elizabeth Leone, Cynthia Stern, & Brittany Williams

Redirect Teachers

Sandra Morales  (Grades K to 4) & Inmaculada Sanchez-Dorado (Grades 5 to 8)

Special Education Specialists

Maria DiGiuseppe (Grades K to 2), Karma Dingyon (Grade 5),  Briana Grandoit (Speech), Allison Gross (OT), Siobhan Healey (Grade 6), Lucy Lyons (Grades 3 & 4), & Nicole Mahoney (Grades 7 & 8)

Paraprofessional (SPED):  Natasha Baptiste, Yu-Ping Mao (Grades Kindergarten to 8), & Janice Pousland

Unidos Specialist

Maureen Hughes, PhD

Afterschool Programs

Yolanda Andrade (Site Coordinator - Community Schools), Evan Perry (Director - El Sistema), & Janae Dixon (Campus Director - CitizensSchools


Academic: ABCya, Audible Stories, Boston Children's Museum, CASELEPIC IXL, Khan AcademyLaliloLibrary DatabasesLunch Doodles, PBS Learning MediaPHET, Raz-KidsSan Diego Zoo, Tumble BooksTyping Club, WGBH, & WideOpenSchool

Dual Langauge Education: Bilingual ResourcesCALMABE, NABE, & Unidos Remote Learning Resources

Social-Emotional Learning & Health: Casel Cares, Facing History, Read alouds, Second Step, & Self-care reflection

SPS : Home Learning Resources, FoundationLearning Plan, Early Education, Kindergarten to 8Language Learner, School CommitteeSFLCSpecial Education, & Afterschool

City: Novel Coronavirus Information, HHSService Request, & Sign Up for Alerts

State: DESE, DPH, &

Technology: Manny Santiago (Tech), Remote Tech Support Form


Connie Moniz (Cafeteria Manager)

SPS Food & Nutrition Services

Front Office

Luz Lopez, (Senior Clerk) 

Alex Almas (Junior Clerk)


Obed Morales, Principal (617-629-5400 extension 3710 \ 617-839-5332 -work cell)

Larry Silverman, Interim Assistant Principal

Anne Casavant, Special Education Department Head



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