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School Reopening Teams

All Somerville Public Schools have created School Reopening Teams to begin plans for the students' return to school. Team members will actively engage in the work to plan for the students' return to school in the fall. The team members will work with staff, parents, students, health professionals, and the community to formulate the plan for schools’ reopening and children once again learning in the classrooms.

Somerville Public Schools is committed to the health and safety of our students and staff as we seek to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and gradually return to classrooms. Each team will provide regular updates to staff, families, and the community to ensure preparedness for what the school year may look like in our schools.

There will be four main areas of focus as plans are developed for the reopening of schools.

Each team will seek to:

  1. minimize risks to public health.
  2. address impacts on student learning and well-being.
  3. recognize the importance of the local public school to the community.
  4. seek to optimize operational readiness.

The teams will do this by helping to develop operational guidelines specific to each school that align with safety guidelines, such as

  1. identifying drop-off and pick-up zones.
  2. designing safe student transitions.
  3. designing safe lunch and recess protocols.
  4. designing safe bathroom protocols.
  5. developing handwashing and mask breaks.
  6. demarcating dismissal zones.

Teams will meet throughout the entire year 2020-2021 to analyze and revise the guidelines as information changes.


School Teams

Somerville High School

Principal Sibby LaGambina
Assistant Principal Harry Marchetti
Department Chair Jodi Remington
Teacher (Union Representative) Carlos Contreras
Paraprofessional  Katie Dematia
Counselor Cathy Maguire
Dean of Students Gilbert White
Special Ed Dept head/facilitator Rachel Ziulkowski
ESL Specialist Sam Blomberg
Nurse Terri Emens
Secretary Barbara Favaloro
SFLC Liaison Vanety Cruz
Parent Marylou Sturniolo
ELPAC Parent Representatives Laura Romero Flavio and Koita (Tanty) Ajdaratou
Student Ekaterina Hicks-Magana

Next Wave / Full Circle

Principal Margaret Green
Assistant Principal Jack Haverty
Teacher (Union Representative) Agnes Gallant
Teacher Erika Riddington
Paraprofessional Maria DeCastro
Counselor MaryAnn Beaton
Dean of Students Francois Joseph
Guidance Counselor Dan McCaul 
Special Education Teacher David Aronofsky
Nurse Bill Bingay
Secretary Virginia Roche
SFLC Liaison Chaylin Diaz
Parent Waleska Fortis
Parent Michelle Ferro

Capuano Early Childhood Center

Principal Cheryl Piccirelli 
Assistant Principal Felix Caraballo 
Special Education Department Head Susan Gibbons 
Pre-K SMILE Teacher Dawn Cunningham
Pre-K ECIP Teacher Donna Fils-Aime
Counselor Educator Christianna Morgan
Paraprofessional and STA Representative Kathleen Kumar
Nurse Yetty Lukan
Parent Annie March
Parent Sonia Conde
SEPAC Parent Representative Shuyn Lai Talun
SFLC Liaison Sally Peterson
Afterschool Site Coordinator Shirlyne Pierre-Renee

Argenziano School

Principal Glenda Soto
Assistant Principal John C. Braga
Teacher (Union Representative) Sharyn Lamer
Teacher Jayne DeCampos
Paraprofessional Maria Rosa
Dean of Students Karen Grenier-Mernin
Special Ed Dept head/facilitator Meaghan Tubridy-Geisler
ESL Specialist Janice Fahey-Flynn
Nurse Ruja Sharma
Secretary Erika Garcia
SFLC Liaison Telma Leitao
Parent Elvin Atkins
Parent Daniele Lantagne
SEPAC Parent Representative Tara Fitzgerald
ELPAC Parent Representative Sylvia Mejia
Afterschool Site Coordinator Keiry Nunez

Brown School

Principal Shawn Maguire 
Teacher Gretchen Saunders 
Teacher (Union Representative) Sharyn Von Trapp  
Teacher Rachel Bourne  
Teacher Sandra Dumas 
Nurse Wendy Dixon 
Adjustment Counselor Peter Holladay
SFLC Liaison Kelly Richter 
Parent Gina Miranda
Parent Molly Doble
Parent Kathy McCarthy
SEPAC Parent Representative Donna Clark 
Afterschool Site Coordinator Kelsey Kent 

East Somerville Community School

Principal Obed Morales
Assistant Principal Larry Silverman
Parents Lovan Chetty and Andre Pelletier
Teacher (Union Representative) Julie Allen
Teacher Nancy Uribe 
Paraprofessional Crystal Legaski 
Counselor Carli Calioro 
Special Education Department Head Anne Casavant  
ESL Specialist Ana Zafiropoulo 
Nurse Nydia Woods
Secretary Luz Lopez
SFLC Liaison Jennifer Ochoa

Healey School

Principal Mary Ellen Carideo Cobbs
Assistant Principal Lesley Lartey
Teacher (Union Representative) Dayshawn Simmons
Teacher Kelsey Schroder
Teacher Samantha Patton
Paraprofessional Sholanda Dosila
ESL Specialist Christina Verzino
Nurse Educator Lynn Chamallas
SFLC Liaison Heidy Castro
Parent Savanah Payne
Parent Dione Aguillar Nolan
Parent India Anderson

Kennedy School

Principal Mark Hurrie
Assistant Principal Steven Marshall
Teacher (Union Representative) Courtney Rizzo
Teacher Rep Swetha Kalluri
Paraprofessional Patricia DiPasquale
Counselor Angie Murillo
Special Ed Dept Head/Facilitator Victoria Vendola
Redirect Counselor Kristen Kennedy
Nurse Kerri Coneely
Secretary Kellee Kurcharski
SFLC Liaison Francesca Broekman
Parent Charles Redd
Parent Annette McKee 
SEPAC Parent Representative Michelle Lippens
Afterschool Site Coordinator Alison Gillis
Student Celine Mannion

West Somerville Community School

Principal Kathleen Seward
Assistant Principal Kimberly Baker
Teacher (Union Representative) Marissa Roque
Teacher Lorin Desrochers
Paraprofessional Daphnee Balan
Counselor Isabel Barros
Secretary Dignora Diaz
SFLC Liaison Lee-Anne King
Parent Jamelia Lewis
Parent Shira Rosan
SEPAC Parent Representative Lianor Hillerstrom
Afterschool Site Coordinator Eric Rehm

Winter Hill Community Innovation School

Principal Courtney Gosselin
Assistant Principal Christopher Ames
Teacher (Union Representative) Jenn Kuzsmar
Teacher Ting-Ting Han
Paraprofessional Lori Shea
Counselor Tara Stead
Special Ed Dept Head/Facilitator Susan Maday
ESL Specialist Julia Kusiak-Carey
Nurse Shannon Logan
Secretary Nancy McWeeny
SFLC Liaisons MaryLou Sturniolo and Karla Cabrera
Parent (Governing Board) Courtney Koslow
Parent (Governing Board) Nick Robertson
Parent Julie Bruch
Parent Danielle Griffin
Student Michael Gomez-Calle
Afterschool Site Coordinator Danielle Gentile
Citizen Schools Site Coordinator Angela DiPiesa