SPS PK-8 Schools Badge Request Form

This form is for prekindergarten-grade 8 school facility access. To request a badge for Somerville High School or Next Wave / Full Circle, please use this form.

This form should be completed by the staff member requesting a Somerville Public Schools identification badge. Once you have filled out this form and attached a professional headshot, you and your supervisor will receive an email confirmation of the badge request. Please forward the email to Human Resources Administrative Assistant Patti DiFraia for processing. The Human Resources Department will not be able to produce a badge without supervisor confirmation.

For quicker processing, you may send a head shot of yourself, labelled "Badge - Your Name" to Patti DiFraia.

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Human Resources will confirm all badge request with the employee's supervisor before approving badge requests.
Please only request badge access for your primary school. Badge access hours will default to 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. M-F except under exceptional circumstances.