Spring  2021 School Committee Virtual and In-Person Office Hours:

Check back for more links. Contact ikrepchin@k12.somerville.ma.us or any school committee member with questions.

Tuesday, May 4th

3:00 p.m.: Emily Ackman, Ward 1 and Ilana Krepchin, Ward 2

Zoom - https://k12somerville.zoom.us/j/86124456477?pwd=U01WWTBYbG51M0R0VU9rU0tYaGU2dz09

5:00 pm: Sarah Phillips, Ward 3 and Laura Pitone, Ward 5

In-Person - Outdoor classroom at the Argenziano (290 Washington St.)

Thursday, May 6th

8:30 - 9:15 a.m.: Laura Pitone, Ward 5 and Carrie Normand, Ward 7 

In-Person - Outside at Kennedy School (5 Cherry St.)

Friday, May 7th

9:00 a.m.: Ilana Krepchin, Ward 2 and Ellenor Barish, Ward 6

On Zoom - https://k12somerville.zoom.us/j/85679212691?pwd=Y3g3VjF0c0RCb1RjU09sNTg3QWJNdz09 

Saturday, May 8th

10:00 a.m.: Laura Pitone, Ward 5 and Emily Ackman, Ward 1

In-Person - Albion Park on Albion St.

Monday, May 10th

3:20-4:10 p.m.: Ellenor Barish, Ward 6

In-Person - Seven Hills Park behind the T entrance

Tuesday, May 11th

8:30-9:15 a.m.: Ellenor Barish, Ward 6 and Laura Pitone, Ward 5

In-Person - outside the Brown School on the Willow Avenue side

7:00-8:00 p.m.: Laura Pitone, Ward 5 and Andre Green, Ward 4

On Zoom - https://k12somerville.zoom.us/j/89778641861?pwd=aW13WE9qcjZWMCswNlZDL0tZaDZ2UT09 

Thursday, May 13th

8:15-9:30 a.m.: Sarah Phillips, Ward 3 and Ilana Krepchin, Ward 2

In-Person - Argenziano outdoor classroom