We believe in developing the whole child -- the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical potential of all students -- by providing students with the skills, opportunities, and resources that will nurture innovative ideas, foster pride in diversity, inspire students to become lifelong learners and empower them to enrich their communities.

2016-2018 School Committee Goals

The Somerville School Committee approved the following two-year goals.

Goal 1: Increase achievement and access for all students. Reduce all performance gaps by half. 

Goal 2: Develop and implement a comprehensive PreK-12 social-emotional learning framework that provides students with the skills they need for social and academic success.

Goal 3: Increase engagement with the community to reflect the community in which we live.

Goal 4: Continue to develop and implement innovative ways of measuring student academic performance and school quality such as formative assessment, performance-based tasks, and whole quality indicators.

Goal 5: Develop a comprehensive plan for Universal Kindergarten Readiness that supports intellectual, physical, and social/emotional growth from birth to Pre-K.

Goal 6: Develop and implement a strategy to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and talented staff.