We believe in developing the whole child -- the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical potential of all students -- by providing students with the skills, opportunities, and resources that will nurture innovative ideas, foster pride in diversity, inspire students to become lifelong learners and empower them to enrich their communities.

2019-2022 School Committee Goals

Human Capital

Because research shows that all children benefit from a highly skilled and diverse educator workforce that reflects SPS students and families, we will, by 2022, increase the percentage of support staff of color by 6 percentage points, teachers and counselors of color by 5 percentage points, and administrators of color by 4 percentage points through evaluating and strengthening all elements of our human capital system: recruitment, processes, training, retention, development, and advancement. We will engage staff and community as authentic partners in this work.

Enrollment and Access to Programming

Because we believe that no group of students should be disproportionately impacted by district enrollment policies and that all students should have access to support they need, by 2022, we will 1) conduct a district enrollment study to understand the prospective future population of the district, and 2) craft a vision for school assignment and programming aligned with the district's equity policy. We will engage students and families in this process to design a school assignment policy grounded in equity and in the values of our community.


Because we know that every student has unique needs and interests and should have access to rich learning opportunities that help them thrive, we will design, evaluate, and partially or fully implement student-based budgeting by 2022. We will do this through a transparent process that welcomes and embraces the engagement of all stakeholders at all levels to develop a system where students are funded equitably, regardless of which SPS school or program they attend.

Milestones of Learning

While we believe that every child can thrive, we recognize a gap in achievement and opportunity in our current system. We will, by 2022, design a robust system of aligned developmental academic and social-emotional benchmarks working with district administration, school communities, students, and educators. These benchmarks will be used to inform practices, policies, and resource allocation to ensure that every student has access to rigorous and responsive core instruction that integrates the whole-child approach.