Who is your School Nurse

Somerville's School Nurse Supervisor is Gay Koty (617-625-6600, ext. 4314).

Argenziano School
290 Washington Street
Yetty Lukan
Phone: 617-629-5460, x6360
Main School Extension: 6300
Fax: 617-629-5470

Brown School
201 Willow Avenue
Donna Savoy
Phone: 617-629-5620, x6405
Main School Extension: 6400
Fax: 617-629-5630 

Capuano Early Childhood Center
150 Glenn Street
Jennifer Moynihan
Phone: 617-629-5480, x3648
Main School Extension: 3600
Fax: 617-629-5485

East Somerville Community School
50 Cross Street
Sarah Button
Phone: 617-629-5400, x3704
Main School Extension: 3700
Fax: 617-629-5403

Nydia Woods
Phone: 617-629-5400, x3756
Main School Extension: 3700
Fax: 617-629-5403

Healey School
5 Meacham Street
Bill Bingay
Phone: 617-629-5421, x6504
Main School Extension: 6500
Fax: 617-629-5425

Lynne Chamallas
Phone: 617-629-5421, x6540
Main School Extension: 6500
Fax: 617-629-5425

Kennedy School
5 Cherry Street 
Kerri Conneely
Phone: 617-629-5440, x6603
Main School Extension: 6600
Fax: 617-629-5451

Kennedy School/SKIP Program
5 Cherry Street
Kim Trant & Wendy Dixon
Phone: 617-629-5440, x6618
Main School Extension: 6600
Fax: 617-629-5452

West Somerville Neighborhood School
177 Powder House Blvd.
Elizabeth Quaratiello
Phone: 617-629-5600, x6450
Main School Extension: 6440
Fax: 617-629-5605 

Winter Hill Community Innovation School
115 Sycamore Street
Shannon Logan
Phone: 617-629-5680, x6775
Main School Extension: 6700
Fax: 617-629-5683

Joie Mara
Phone: 617-629-5680, x6775
Main School Extension: 6700
Fax: 617-629-5683

Next Wave/Full Circle
8 Bonair Street 
Janet Martini
Phone: 617-629-5640, x6880
Main School Extension: 6870
Fax: 617-629-5660 

Somerville High School
81 Highland Avenue
Terri EmensRuja Sharma, Maria Tully
Phone: 617-629-5250, extensions 6168, 6164, and 6169
Main School Extension: 6110
Fax: 617-629-5275

Somerville High School - SHIP
81 Highland Avenue
Janet Martini
Phone: 617-629-5250, ext. 6200
Main School Extension: 6110
Fax: 617-629-5275


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What is a School Nurse?

School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the wellbeing, academic success and lifelong achievement of students. The unique contribution of the School Nurse lies in the ability to provide a comprehensive school health program that encourages the best possible health outcomes for each student. School nursing also teaches health concepts that enable students to make responsible decisions regarding their own health in the future. To that end, School Nurses facilitate positive student responses to normal development, promote health and safety, intervene with actual and potential health problems, provide case management services, and actively collaborate with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy, and learning.

The School Nurse also links the school health service program to the community. The first responsibility for the student's health and well being belongs in the family. However, School Nurses must have the assistance of the family in planning, implementing and evaluating the child's health care plan. In order to provide the support that is necessary it is important to establish an open line of communication and maintain such through out your child's school career. Please contact your child's School Nurse with any questions or concerns. School Nurses are available as an additional healthcare resource.