Out of School Time Options 2021-2022

We are adding information to this page as we receive it. If you have questions about a program, please email the contact person listed for the program or visit the program website.

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After School Enrichment Programs through

Somerville Public Schools

Open to all SPS Students

Program and registration information will be updated as it becomes available.

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Pre-K and Elementary

SPS Community Schools After School Program

Cost: Standard flat fee with sliding scale fee for families with financial need
Ages: Grades K-6, Grades 7-8 Leaders-in-Training
Dates: M-F starting September 1st, 2:30-5:30pm, half days 12:00-5:30pm.
Locations: Kennedy, Argenziano, East Somerville, Winter Hill, West Somerville, Brown, Healey
Description: Field trips, project work, and fun activities that support the SPS Grade Level Curriculum. Club offerings vary by school and grade level. Rising 7–9th grade students may join the Leaders-in-Training program. Please visit the website for more information. 

Elementary and Middle School

El Sistema

Cost: Standard flat fee with scholarship assistance for families with financial need. 
Ages: Grades 3-8
Dates: M-F 2:30-5:30pm
Locations: East Somerville Community School
Description: El Sistema Somerville is a daily afterschool music program that provides ensemble-based music instruction to SPS elementary and middle grades students, grades 3–8. The program offers intensive study on strings, winds and brass instruments through orchestral rehearsals, sectionals, musicianship and technique classes, chamber music, and private lessons. Students play violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. Students also receive a daily nutritious snack, academic support, recess time, cultural enrichment activities, field trips, and frequent opportunities to perform for the community. The program meets Mondays-Fridays from 2:30-5:30 p.m. at the East Somerville Community School. Thanks to the Massachusetts Cultural Council for their generous support of the El Sistema Somerville program.
Contact: Evan Perry, eperry@k12.somerville.ma.us 

Middle School

Citizen Schools

Register:  Click here to register now!
Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 5-8
Dates: M-Th starting October 12th at ESCS, 3pm-5pm. East Somerville program is currently waitlisted. M-Th starting early November at Winter Hill, 3pm-5pm. Winter Hill slots are still available! 
Locations: East Somerville, Winter Hill
Description: Hands on apprenticeships in STEM fields with talented teaching fellows who support middle school youth in building healthy relationships, exploring academic concepts and creating a strong community of learning and support. During the school day, TFs offer targeted academic support to students. After school, TFs coordinate and implement our signature apprenticeships with volunteer career mentors to support the development of students’ social-emotional skills and their interest in future college & career pathways. TFs communicate regularly with students’ families and school partner staff to collaboratively support student learning & well-being.
Contact: East Somerville Campus - Alia Mehdi, aliamehdi@citizenschools.org; Winter Hill Campus - Ariana Eggleston

Breakthrough Greater Boston

Register:  Applications can be found in 4 major languages here - http://breakthroughgreaterboston.org/student-application/
Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 7+8, students commit to a 6 year program through High School
Dates: Mondays and Wednesdays 3-6pm, starting November 1st
Location: Somerville High School
Description: We are happy to announce that our After School Program this fall will be in person. 8th grade students will attend twice a week and will take part in homework support, community building and a math enrichment workshop. 7th grade students will attend once a week and take part in homework support, community building and a social emotional learning workshop. During 7th and 8th grade, Breakthrough Greater Boston students attend the weekly After School Program. The main goal of the After School Program (ASP) is to continue inspiring a love of learning for students during the school year. At the ASP, students receive homework assistance, one-on-one tutoring as needed, and take part in exciting hands-on STEAM workshops. 
Contact: Jay Enciso jenciso@btgbmail.org , Amee Naik

Boston Debate League

Register: No registration needed, show up to Mr. Contreras's room at SHS on Thursdays at 2:45. 
Cost: FREE
Ages: Middle and high school students
Dates: TBA
Location: East Somerville, Somerville High School
Description: We offer debate and argumentation programs for young people in Greater Boston, with a commitment to serving students of color and other students who have been denied these educational opportunities. We tailor our programs to address the educational inequities they experience, and strive to create inclusive learning communities where all participants are welcome and supported in achieving the transformative, lifelong benefits of debate.
Contact: Luz Miranda, lmiranda@bostondebate.org

High School

Interscholastic Sports

Register:  https://www.familyid.com/programs/2020-2021-winter-high-school-interscholastic-sports
Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 9-12 depending on sport
Dates: Winter sports begin November 29th, fall sports have already started for the 2021-22 school year.
Location: Somerville High School, various locations around the city
Description: The Somerville Public Schools Athletic Program intends to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to develop and display their talents through competition. All student-athletes place the highest priority on the quality of education and the successful completion of academic programs. Athletics are conducted as an integral component of the overall educational experience; with the goal of having student-athletes strive to reach their potential and give their best.
Contact: Stan Viera, sviera@k12.somerville.ma.us

Highlander Theater Company

Register: Information about upcoming auditions and events can be found on Instagram at @shshighlandertheatre. 
Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 9-12
Dates: Auditions for Almost Maine, the fall play, are being held October 6th and 7th in the SHS library. 
Location: Somerville High School, various locations around the city
Description: Established in 2017 as an expansion of the Musical and Drama Clubs at Somerville High School, the mission of the Highlander Theatre Company is to create the opportunity for every Somerville High School student to participate in the creation, production, and performance of live theatre.
Contact: Charles Jabour, cjabour@k12.somerville.ma.us

SHS Extracurriculars

Register:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qol-TAXwKfjbwvQIDm0B-6an81B8dU2DiRfkUkPXFDk/edit?usp=sharing
Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 9-12 
Dates: Clubs begin in September and generally meet weekly, varies by club
Location: Somerville High School
Description: Pursue your passions, build friendships and learn new skills by participating in extracurriculars in a number of areas - from GSA to language clubs, video games to broadcasting, there's something for everyone. Learn more by checking out the catalog of options here (TBA).
Contact: Lisa Brewster-Cook, lbrewster-cook@k12.somerville.ma.us

SHS ESports

Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 9-12 
Dates: Starts February 10th
Location: Somerville High School
Description: Competitive online gaming competitions with your friends. Join the fun!
Contact: Stanley Veira


OST Enrichment Programs through

City of Somerville

Open to all SPS students

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Somerville Parks and Recreation Department 

Register: New programs are regularly being announced! Visit https://www.somervillerec.com/info/activities/default.aspx?type=activities for info as it becomes available.
Cost: Varies
Ages: All ages
Description: TBA.
Contact: George Scarpelli gscarpelli@somervillema.gov for more information. 

The Art Haus (LGBTQ+ and Allies Teen Arts and Creativity Club)

Register: Programs for Fall 2021 have just been announced! Visit https://www.somervillerec.com/info/activities/default.aspx?type=activities for info as it becomed available.
Cost: $100 - scholarships available
Ages: Grades 6-12
Dates: Wednesdays 6-8pm starting October 27 until December 15th
Location: Edgerly School Room 203
Description: This program will encourage curiosity, creativity, and shared knowledge. It will allow participants to try different modalities of creative expression while creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth and their allies. The program will allow youth to spend time with their peers where identity is important but not the only goal.
Contact jlathan@somervillema.gov or gscarpelli@somervillema.gov for more information. 

Middle School Intramural Athletics

Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 6-8
Dates: Varies depending on sport, 2-3 days per week commitment
Locations: Various locations - see website for more details. 
Description: All Intramural teams are school-based and play other teams within Somerville. The Intramural Sports program teaches student-athletes skills and strategy in a fun, structured environment, with an emphasis on sportsmanship. 2019-2020 Guide to Intramural Sports. Fall sports include flag football, tennis and volleyball. Winter sports include girls' and boys' indoor soccer. Spring sports include boys' and girls' basketball and competitive swimming. 
Contact: George Scarpelli, gscarpelli@somervillema.gov

City of Somerville Library

Cost: Free
Ages: All ages
Description: Ongoing programming, including dungeons and dragons, crafting, a kids' book club at the West Branch and much more: https://www.somervillepubliclibrary.org/kids/kids-book-club


Enrichment Programs offered

through outside organizations

Open to all SPS students

Please contact programs directly with questions.

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Brooklyn Boulders Somerville

Cost: $22-39 per class, $119 per full day (when school is not in session)
Ages: 5–13 years old
Dates: M-F 3-6pm, school vacation days 9-5pm
Location: Somerville MA
Description: After school climbing and parkour classes, as well as a competition team (BKBeasts)

Somerville Cub Scouts

Register: https://www.somervillepack3.org/home
Cost: $205 for full year registration
Ages: K-5
Dates: Multiple small group meetings a month in addition to "Pack" activities for all scouts monthly
Location: Various
Description: Cub Scouting is fun for the whole family. In Scouting, boys and girls start with their best right now selves and grow into their very best future selves. It’s fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and for life.
Contact Michael Lalka, info@somervillepack3.org

Davis Square Martial Arts

Register: http://davissquaremartialarts.com/?page_id=46
Cost: $375 for 1x/week trimester classes, $580 for 2x/week trimester classes. Scholarships available for youth who recieve free/reduced lunch
Ages: 7-13 years
Dates: Varies depending on program
Location: Seven Hills Park, Somerville
Description: At Davis Square Martial Arts, our Kids Kung Fu classes emphasize paying attention, doing your best, treating everyone with respect, and having fun! We work hard to create a positive learning environment where students can safely practice martial arts. Classes are available for children ages 5 to 15 years old. (Our class for children ages 3 ½ to 5 is currently suspended, but may be reinstated in the future.) Every child is encouraged to reach their own individual potential in their own unique way. Through listening and effort, the physical and mental discipline children develop in class will serve them throughout their lives.
Contact: Jennifer Ferguson, jendsma@gmail.com

Elizabeth Peabody House

Register: call 617-623-5510
Cost: $37 per after school day, $60 per full day; vouchers accepted
Ages: 5–12 years old
Dates: M-F, 2:30-5:30PM
Location: Somerville, MA
Description: Here at the Elizabeth Peabody House, our afterschool program consists of a variety of activities that fall under the scope of STEM, social/emotional support, movement, media, and art. We partner with a variety of organizations in the Somerville area to strengthen our ties to the community, and provide your child(ren) with a wide range of programming opportunities. Join us this school year as we explore the deep depths of space, habitats on Earth, solve mysteries, learn about the environment, and how we can help our community! We at the Elizabeth Peabody House look forward to providing quality out-of-school time services to your child and working with you in being part of your child's development and education.

Groundwork Somerville Green Team 

Cost: paid positions
Ages: Ages 14–19
Dates: TBD
Location: Somerville
Description: Environmental engagement, urban agriculture, and leadership development. http://www.groundworksomerville.org/
Contact: Tatijana Olivierrie - tati@groundworksomerville.org

Mystic Learning Center School Age Child Care

Register: https://mysticlearningcenter.org/sign-up-for-mlc-programs
Cost:  EEC determines cost, contact program for latest update
Ages: 5-13 
Dates/Times: 2:30-5:30pm fM-F, 8am-5:30pm for school vacation days.
Location: 530 Mystic Ave Somerville, MA
Description: Our School-Age Child Care Program aims to enhance the educational, emotional, and social development of children. Youth ages 5-13 (or up to 16 with special needs) can enroll in a structured program designed to expand their interests and horizons, and to develop positive attitudes toward others.  The program is open weekdays during the school year from 2:30 to 5:30 pm. On early release days, the program runs from 12:00 to 5:30 pm, and during vacations it operates from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. 
Contact: Tracey or Nichole, 617-623-0110

Mystic Learning Center Night Groups/Pre-Teen Choice Club

Cost:  Free
Ages: 8-16
Dates/Times: 6-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Location: 530 Mystic Ave Somerville, MA
Description: Free drop in program providing adult supervision, nutritious meals, and hands on activities including sports, art, and more. 
Contact: Tracey or Nichole, 617-623-0110

Mystic Learning Center Teen Bench Mural Project

Register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJu81v-FcC5ws4ZPXhb1jIn8Fm66-HXlvDnVRIFm4d5Y1uCQ/viewform
Cost:  Free!
Ages: 12-22 
Dates: Tuesdays or Thursdays 6-8pm, starting mid march-June
Location: 530 Mystic Ave Somerville, MA
Description: The Mystic Learning Center & Mudflats Pottery Studio is excited to announce a community art project, that we are collaborating to create! All of the details are included in this digital communication. Youth & teens between the ages of 12-22 are invited to apply. It is free to join the team! Please share this opportunity with more youth, teens, young adults and help us to spread the word.
Contact: info@mysticlearningcenter.org or 617-623-0110

Open Air Circus

Register: http://www.openaircircus.org/schedule2020.asp
Cost:  $30/child per program
Ages: 6-15 
Dates: Varies depending on program
Location: Somerville, MA
Description: OPENAIR Circus is a non-profit community-based circus. Learn baton twirling, poi juggling and more!
Contact: Peter Jehlen, peter_jehlen@openaircircus.org

Parts and Crafts

Register: https://www.amilia.com/store/en/parts-and-crafts/shop/programs
Cost: $308 per day for a 16 week session - sign up for any day(s) you choose
Ages: Ages 6–13
Dates: September 7-December 21
Location: Somerville, MA
Description: Parts and Crafts is a makerspace and community workshop in Somerville, MA. We encourage kids to think and make and learn and do through the exploration of the arts, science, computer programming, and engineering – a cluster of disciplines we refer to as “the creative application of technical skills.” ​ In all of our programs we aim to create a supportive environment for self-directed ​ learning where young people can learn hands-on skills, gain competency in basic tool use, and work on creative projects of their own design. 
Contact: Dina Gjersten dina@partsandcrafts.org

Parkour Generations Boston

Register: https://pkgenboston.sites.zenplanner.com/calendar.cfm
Cost: fee associated, scholarships available
AgesAges 6–13
Dates: Varies depending on program
Location: Outdoors in Somerville
Description: Physical activity and STEAM focused on building a "toolbox" of movement skills that can be applied to overcome a variety of physical and mental challenges. Sessions feature instruction by experienced coaches for a wide range of age and ability levels, and are a mix of skill development, problem-solving, physical challenges, and games that reinforce the values and ideals of the Parkour philosophy. 
Contact: Blake Evitt

Somerville Cares about Prevention - Somerville Positive Forces

Cost: Free, youth will receive a stipend if they participate
Ages: 6th-12th grades
Description: We are looking for energetic high school youth and middle-school youth leaders to serve as leaders as part of a team that addresses community issues related to underage drinking, drug use, and bullying. SPF leaders: Promote supports and solutions for issues that Somerville youth face; Create TV Public Service Announcements to educate the community about issues related to drug and alcohol abuse; Conduct awareness campaigns to remind adults and youth not to give alcohol to people under 21; Collaborate with community members and organizations to support group goals; Serve as a Drug/Alcohol-Free Role Model for Somerville youth and around prevention efforts.
Contact: Lovelee Heller-Bottari, lheller@somervillema.gov

Somerville Media Center Youth Media Programs

Cost: $200-$250 for a 12 week course meeting 1x/week. Financial aid is available.
Ages: 4th grade-12th grade
Dates/Times: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays - time varies, 3-5pm for grades 3-6 and 5-7pm for grades 7+
Location: 90 Union Square Somerville, MA
Description: The goal of SMC’s Youth Media Program is to empower the next generation of young people to be critical and creative producers who use the power of media to serve as active agents of change in their communities. SMC offers a number of developmentally appropriate youth programming for youth of all ages, including targeted intensive workshops, strategic community partnerships with youth-serving agencies, teen internships, movie nights, field trips, and more. We aim to be inclusive and responsive to the needs of young people in our community, and provide all of our programming at a sliding scale in order to be accessible to all of our cities’ residents. We also strive to be a safer space for youth, and actively wish to recruit LGBTQ+ youth, youth of color, low-income youth, and youth with disabilities. We run year round youth programming including after school programs, vacation camp, and summer programs.
Contact: Evan Tingle

Somerville Youth Soccer

Register: https://www.somervillesoccer.org/sysregistration
Cost: $85-$145, financial aid is available
Ages: Toddlers - Grade 8, programming varies
Dates/Times: Schedule varies by program
Location: Varies
Description: Somerville Youth Soccer League exists to provide an opportunity for youth to participate in the sport of soccer as part of an organization comprising players, parents, volunteers and corporate sponsors. SYSL is devoted to providing training in the rules and regulations of the sport, encouraging the development of individual skills, promoting physical fitness, and fostering teamwork and fair play. Winning is fun and exciting but -- most importantly -- we want to teach our children that striving to do their personal best is what really matters most.
Contact: Ivan Ibarca (speaks Spanish) 

Somerville Youth Hockey - Learn to Skate

Register: https://www.somervilleyouthhockey.org/lts-ltp
Cost: Free-$125, financial aid available
Ages: 4-9
Dates/Times: November 6th 9:30-10:50am, more events TBA
Location: Veterans Memorial Skating Rink
Description: Somerville Youth Hockey Association is a having a Try Hockey ForFree event at Veterans Memorial Rink (Somerville's main rink at 570 Somerville Ave.) on Saturday, 11/6, from 9:30 - 10:50 am.  This event is for kids who have never participated in organized hockey before.  Although it's geared for ages 4 - 9, older kids are welcome too.  It's totally free! Kids can come down to the rink, tie on some skates, grab a stick and try it out!  Skates, helmet (bike is fine), and warm gloves are required, and SYHA has some equipment to lend out to kids who need them.  Registration can be completed online ahead of time (go to somervilleyouthhockey.org) or on paper at the door.

Teen Empowerment Youth Organizing

Cost: Paid positions
Ages: Ages 13–20
Dates: Starting in October 2021, program dates/times vary
Location: Somerville, MA
Description: Paid opportunities for youth to become community organizers. Help plan and lead events, advocate for systemic change and make new friends!  

West Medford Community Center After School Program

Cost: $350/month - pay here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/wmcc
Ages: Ages 7-13
Dates/Times: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:30-6pm and Wednesdays from 1:30-6pm
Location: 111 Arlington St Medford MA
Description: Our mission is to provide youth with opportunities to complete homework, get tutoring assistance, build social skills, utilize computer access, and to learn from our adult and youth leaders, all to make them productive, educated, socially apt, aware and prepared for the future to come. Our primary goal is to have mentors, youth leaders and the youth come together to produce a safe, fun and healthy experience. By bringing in families from all areas and walks of life, we are building a community that can thrive into the future.
Contact: Nathalie Jean

The Welcome Project Liaison Interpreters Program (LIPS)

Register https://www.welcomeproject.org/youth-leadership
Cost: Free, students are paid for their work
Ages: High School Students
Dates/Times: TBA
Location: Somerville
Description: https://www.welcomeproject.org/ Multilingual teens are trained and compensated to support with interpretation services at city events, public meetings, and more. 

Somerville YMCA

Registerhttps://somervilleymca.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/2021-2022-SACC-Registration-Form.pdf. Program is currently full, however you may be added to the wait list and provided space as it becomes available. 
Cost: Fee associated, avg. cost is $130-150 a week
Ages: Grades K–7
Dates: M-F, 2:30-6pm or 12-6pm on half days, 8-6pm on school vacation days. 
Location: Somerville
Description: After school enrichment programming featuring sports, games, arts and crafts, and more in a supportive, positive and safe setting. Learn more at https://somervilleymca.org/ 
Contact: Tania Buck


Somerville Public Schools

Programming for Targeted Populations

Open to students through a teacher or staff referral.

Please reach out to the contact person for the individual program with questions.


Register:  https://www.enrooteducation.org/for-students Please note this program is only open to immigrant youth. 
Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 9-12
Dates: Starts September 24th, meets Tuesdays and Thursdays for mentoring from 6-7, leadership seminars from 3:30-5:30 on Thursdays. 
Location: Somerville High School
Description: The goal of Enroot is to empower immigrant youth to achieve academic, career and personal success through inspiring out of school experiences. Enroot students are matched with a mentor and tutor to help them succeed in school and beyond. They also have the opportunity to intern at local community organizations and receive stipends for their work. 
Contact: Teresa Martinez, tmartinez@enrooteducation.org 

Breakthrough Greater Boston

Cost: Free!
Ages: Grades 9-12, students are supported from 7th grade onward
Dates: ondays and Wednesdays 3-6pm, starting October 11th
Location: Somerville High School
Description: Breakthrough Greater Boston (BTGB) is a year-round, tuition-free program that offers six years of academically intensive out-of-school time services to highly motivated, traditionally underserved middle and high school students in greater Boston. BTGB believes in the power of beginning our work with students in middle school and offering continuous support for the next six years as they work toward achieving their goal of college. Breakthrough’s High School Program is made up of four program components: Academic Support, Summer Programming, College Access Program, and Advocacy.
Contact: Gabi Rivero, grivero@btgbmail.org